You're Supposed to Apply This Skin-Perfecting Serum *Like a Frozen Ice Pop* and It's the Coolest

Pun intended.

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Since I first experienced the powers of the Kate-Moss-endorsed Mommie-Dearest-style ice facial, I've become obsessed with its de-puffing and pore-shrinking powers. But plunging my face into a sink full of ice just iiiiiiisn't in the cards most mornings.


Now there's a super easy hack for the benefits of an ice facial via French brand Votre Vu. They've created Les Sorbet, a pretty amazing anti-aging serum that comes in *frozen pop form* to preserve and enhance its benefits. It has real skin-perfecting powers considering that it's made up of 40% marine actives like elastin and collagen, and muscle-relaxing vegetable peptides that anti-age, fight free radicals, and revitalize your complexion. Just pop it in the freezer and voilà—you can "ice" your morning face to your heart's content.

My Test Drive

Per the instructions on the pretty gold box, I poured the liquid serum into the special Flintstone-push-up-pop-like container, placed it upright in the freezer, and left it in there overnight.

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In the morning, after an admittedly late night with a couple glasses of sancerre, I went about my normal skincare routine. I cleansed and toned, and then pulled the "pop" out of the freezer in favor of my usual daytime serum. The icy stick gave my skin the face equivalent of brain freeze.

Unlike the ice facial, where you're numbing your face in one fell swoop, with the pop you have to take your time and exercise some strength of will as it slides over every inch of your face. It's cold. But dedicated/masochistic as I am, I made a point of applying extra pressure along the cheekbones and underneath the eyes for maximum effect.

I used my fingertips to blend in the the dewy, citrus-scented serum with light circular motions to boost circulation. I let it sink in while I brushed my teeth, and then studied myself in the mirror: virtually instantly, I looked more wake. My face was less dull and shadowy, and I had a newly-minted radiance complete with a healthy-looking flush (maybe courtesy of the cold!).

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I was also pleased to find that the serum layered beautifully under my foundation. Throughout the day my face looked brighter and felt bouncier. Success! Since then, a trip to the freezer has become part of my a.m. regimen.

At $140, this serum is, without question, expensive. But I like to think of it as a seasonal splurge for spring/summer. It will 1) Wake you up and cool you down on hot, groggy mornings, and 2) In the words of Kanye West, help you glow up—and not just on your face. You can apply it to your neck and décolletage for a naturally-strobed effect all over.

Votre Vu Les Sorbet Frozen Serum for the Face, $140;

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