Kylie Jenner's New Hair Looks Exactly Like Her Kylie Skin Products

Her promotion game has been strong this week.

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Whew, hunny, TGIF, because it has been a week for Kylie Skin, to say the least. ICYMI, the Internet was up in flames yesterday about a video Kylie Jenner posted promo'ing her newly launched skincare line and washing her face for all of .5 seconds. The Snapchat filtered video barely showed her skin, but what is clear as day is the thick foundation that was still secretly lying on her face, which you can see in the short clip.

Whatever opinions you have about the face-washing catastrophe don't matter to Kylie, though, because one thing you can't say about the Kardashian-Jenner Klan is they're not about their coins. They can't stop and won't stop chasing the bag. Kylie made another more subtle attempt at *branding* yesterday when she debuted cotton-candy pink hair during a drugstore run, which happens to match the exact packaging of her Kylie Skin Products.

So slick, Kylie, but I see you. This is another way to promote the millennial pink packaging of her new collection.

She even has a baby pink bag to match, with Doritos (and medicine?) in hand, because what else would she be buying? Looks like it was a quick stop at the gas station, as she captioned her pic: " ⛽️ 💗."

As always, fans love when Kylie drops a dramatic hair moment on Insta. The photo has since racked up over 6.4 million likes and 40,000 comments, and counting.

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Unsurprisingly, this Kylie Skin-inspired shade was short-lived and she went back to the jet-black shade she's been wearing for most of the year. The same day, the mom of Stormi posted a cute pool pic with her baby girl in Malibu.

Followed up with another selfie of her long black hair. Hold up: remember when Kylie used to wear a new wig to match every color of the rainbow every other day? She's dabbled in a ~few~ fun shades this year, but it's been rather calm for the crazy hair color connoisseur.

These are the wigs she's worn this year so far:

Who knows, maybe the mom has grown out of bright-colored wigs? This pink hair moment lasted all of one minute. There's no telling what she's up to next, so we'll all just wait and see.

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