Kristen Stewart Has No Eyebrows and Now I'm Wondering if I Should Ditch Mine

She's officially the beauty world's resident cool kid.

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I'm officiating Kristen Stewart as the beauty world's President of the Cool Club. Why? Because beauty "rules" have never existed in her world. I'm bowing down to her beauty choices because daring decisions don't seem to scare all. She's done everything from shaving her headdyeing her hair vibrant colors, and trying major makeup looks. I've lost count of how many "best beauty looks" stories I've included the actress in, and here goes another.

During a recent appearance at the Chanel Metiers d’Art runway show in Seoul, South Korea the daredevil decided to bleach her brows a ghostly, ice-white shade. They're so platinum that they give the illusion that she has no eyebrows at all. Someone please tell me how she still looks so cool?!?!

Her makeup artist, Beau Nelson, so kindly dropped these fire photos of Stewart on the 'Gram, which are making me questioning why I ever even bother with my brows in the first place?

I just commented all the fire emojis because wow, Kris. I'll never be able to unsee this iconic brow moment. And should I be mad at myself for dedicating an entire 10 minutes to filling in my brows every morning when no brows look this damn good? I have so many questions.

To up the drama even more, she coupled her bleached brows with a shaggy, wet pixie cut, which is streaked with slightly sunset orange tones, and an exaggerated emerald green eyeshadow.

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This isn't her first foray with out-of-the-box brows. In fact, her double-brow moment using bright orange and white colors at this year's 2019 Met Gala had everyone talking. The inspiration for her beauty look was David Bowie, and she nailed it. "The inspiration was '70s Bowie and the obscurity of gender, playing into both masculine and feminine extremism,"hairstylist, Adir Abergel, explained in a press release.

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She wears the no-brow look so well. Believe it or not, this was the actress' first time bleaching her brows. Makeup artist Jillian Dempsey did the honors at the Met. "I was so excited to de-virginize them,” Dempsey told The Cut. “I originally wanted to pop them out to a white color, but I removed the bleach prematurely and it was this cool banana color. Instead of toning it down, I just left them raw and punk.”

Stewart has been rocking out with the hairless lewk for over a month. Does this mean it'll be her summer 2019 vibe? Who is bold enough to ditch their brows with her and try this trend? It won't be me, but I wholeheartedly support the bleached brows movement.

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