Why Avya Skincare's Brightening Eye Cream Is Worth It

It will erase dark circles and fine lines in seconds.

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Hi you beautiful human, welcome back to Worth It, my bi-weekly breakdown of the absolute best new beauty product I've tried. Sure, splurging on makeup or skincare is a risk, but trust that this beauty editor will only recommend something I wholeheartedly believe is worth every penny. Because you deserve the best of the best. Keep reading to discover the one product you do not want to miss out on, and catch up on the latest Worth It breakdown, here.

AVYA Skincare Brightening Eye Cream


Don't underestimate what the potent power of botanical ingredients can do for your tired eyes. Peony, turmeric, neem extracts, topical caffeine, and botanicals are the anti-inflammatory antioxidants found in this cream that will smooth fine lines and wrinkles by plumping and brightening the skin around your eyes. AVYA Skincare is made specially for melanin-rich skin tones, though this cream will work on all melanin levels, giving the sunken skin around your eyes a major glow-up.

Tanuj Nakra, M.D., co-founder of the brand explains just how these rare and effective ingredients work: "AVYA Eye Bright Cream contains caffeine, which very powerfully reduces puffiness and dark circles by reducing swelling and long-term blood leakage. It also contains cassava matrix technology, which gives an instant shrink-wrap effect to the under-eye, as well as exfoliants that immediately reduce fine lines. Numerous additional active ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, shea butter, coconut oil, and alfalfa extract, produce deep moisturization, control melanin, and enhance collagen production."


You've probably subjected yourself to a brutal cross-country flight from New York to California before—it ain't pretty. After dealing with a dramatic sequence of events the day before a recent flight, I was 100-percent knocked out during my six-hour plane ride to Palm Springs...and was greeted by really beautiful bags under my eyes when I woke up. As soon as I got to my hotel room, I cleansed my skin and tried the travel-sized version of this eye cream (which is delightfully less pricey than the full-size bottle), and was taken aback by how quickly it transformed my zombie eyes into human ones again. All I needed was one dollop, which I dabbed in small dots on the top and bottom of my eyes (your eyelids need love, too), then lathered in. It absorbed into my skin in 20 seconds and a minute later the sleepy lines underneath my eyes vanished.

Whether you're dealing with dark circles, sunken skin, or fine lines around your eyes, I strongly recommend this gentle formula. It won't irritate or sting (I wear contacts so I have super-sensitive eyes), and it basically gave my eye area a face lift. Consider this $75 well spent.

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(Image credit: Getty Images)

Face, Skin, Eyebrow, Hair, Product, Lip, Cheek, Beauty, Nose, Head,

(Image credit: Design: Morgan McMullen)

Face, Skin, Product, Beauty, Head, Cheek, Skin care, Chin, Nose, Cream,

(Image credit: Design: Morgan McMullen)
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