Kim Kardashian Gets Emergency Haircuts in Parking Lots, HBU?

Hair 911.

When you're Kim Kardashian West, desperate hair times calls for desperate measures. I mean, wouldn't it be an absolute crime against humanity if KKW had to walk around with hair that she hated? So relatable. Yesterday, the beauty mogul was in the midst of a hair emergency so she called 911, a.k.a. her long-time hairstylist Chris Appleton, who was at the gym, pulled over to a parking lot, and got a haircut, as one does. It's called a casual glam crisis, ya know.

Kimmy captured her parking lot cut on her phone. Appleton was absolutely slaying her layers with scissors that he borrowed from the gym, which is what you call true talent. "Hair 911 on Hollywood Blvd with Kim Kardashian," is what Appleton captioned the video on his Instagram.

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"Okay, so, what do you do when you need a haircut mid-drive," KKW asked in the video. "You call Chris at the gym and he borrows scissors from the gym. We are in a random apartment complex's parking lot in Hollywood. I put him through hell today, guys," she said. Hair hell, that is. She needed layers, so she got layers.

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The bright blue scissors Appleton is using in the video aren't exactly the ideal tool to cut layers. Usually, layers are executed with super sharp shears for precision. But when you're a professional like Appleton you make it happen by any means necessary. (This doesn't mean you should try this at home, friends.) At the end of the video, Kim shows the remnants of her hair war zone, which are traces of cut strands all over her car.

The comments on Appleton's video are hilarious: "You know you RICH RICH when you don’t GAF when those type of scissors cut it!!," one user said. "Only an icon could make this happen and it look this good?!?! ," another commented. And my favorite: "New life goal: have a personal hairstylist on speed dial." Same. The KKW hair emergency has been resolved. Chris Appleton to the rescue!

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