'Love Is Blind' Couple Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton Confess Beauty Secrets

The couple divulge college hair waxing memories, teeth whitening tips, and more.

Netflix's hit dating show Love Is Blind sparked the epic love story between Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton. The breakout couple, who quickly became one of (if not the) most popular duos on the show, set their sights on each other from the jump and got engaged shortly after. The newlyweds are still going strong in real life, giving their fans all the heart eyes watching snippets of their life in their YouTube show "Hanging With the Hamiltons" and on Instagram, where they have a combined following of 4 million and counting.

In the newest episode of Masked and Answered, Lauren and Cameron sheet-masked-and-chilled with Peach & Lily's Hydrate Mask ($3) and Original Glow Sheet Mask ($6), while sharing some beauty confessions with us—one of which involves a hilarious hair waxing memory from Cameron's college days (more on that later).

In this episode, the couple start with the basics breaking down their morning beauty routines. Cameron's routine includes using an electric toothbrush to brush his pearly whites, applying a toner, using hair texturizer, and shaving with Aqua Velva, which he calls "a classic after-shave." Lauren likes to get up and go in the morning and saves her extensive routine for nighttime. She keeps it simple by washing her face with a cleansing brush and steaming her skin daily, which she demonstrates here on Instagram.

Then, Cameron divulges how he once dealt with his chest hair in college. "I mean obviously I have a very hairy chest," he says. "In college, I wanted to wax part of it so I bought an at-home waxing kit. I had one of my friends, who volunteered, do it. Then, his girlfriend wanted to do it." Lauren: "People were taking turns waxing your chest, babe? Cameron: "I mean yeah, it wasn't a weird thing." Lauren: "Those college days...they get crazy."

The couple also share a teeth whitening tip they both partake in: "Coconut oil is so good for so many different things," Lauren shares. "You can cook with it, put it on your body, and hair," She also has a bath routine we all can get behind: "I'm a super bath girl," she says. "Give me some bath bombs, bubbles, candles, and a glass of wine...I'm in a whole other world." Same, though. And you can catch me copying Lauren's bath routine pronto.

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