Karrueche Tran Shares Her Glowy Skincare Routine

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Karrueche Tran
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Karrueche Tran's skin is so glowy and gorgeous it should be a crime.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

and Exhibit C (I don't see a stitch of makeup in sight):

If you're also in pursuit of the best skin of your life, you'll be happy to know that Tran told us how she gets her glow at home in the latest episode of Masked and Answered. The actress applies Avène Soothing Moisture Mask ($26) with a cleansing brush and jumps right into her morning skincare routine.

"In the morning, I always use a serum and a moisturizer—I like lots of moisture on my face," Tran says. "I'm definitely a skincare girl, I love products. I love makeup as well, but we have to take care of our foundation and our base. Once your skin is flawless, feeling good, and taken care of, then your makeup will look even better. Even if you're a makeup girl, make sure you take care of your skin."

As for her favorite beauty ritual, she's an avid jade roller: "I am obsessed with jade rollers and the gua sha technique, which is using pieces of jade to sculpt your face," she explains. Then, she gets into the rapid fire round. Lip balm or lip gloss? "I love lip gloss," Tran says. "I have, like, a million different shades of lip gloss. But again, we gotta take care of the base first, so I'm going to have to go with lip balm." Tinted moisturizer or foundation? "Both, but tinted moisturizer does have SPF," she points out. If the actress has a chill day of meetings, she'll wear tinted moisturizer for some color on her face. If she's going out or has an event, she'll wear foundation. Her rule: "Tinted moisturizer for the daytime, foundation for nighttime—boom!"

Last one: lightweight or heavy moisturizer? "I cannot last a day with lightweight moisturizer," Tran admits. "I have to have a serum and nice thick coat of moisturizer to really feel it all in my skin." After she removes her mask, which leaves her skin feeling extra moisturized, she applies her go-to serum, which is the Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum ($150) and her all-time favorite moisturizer: Avène Revitalizing Nourishing Cream ($36).

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