Actress and Activist Nathalie Kelley Shares Her Skincare Routine

The actress talks red light therapy, sound baths, and compostable lip balms.

Actress and powerhouse Nathalie Kelley is a formidable force. Whether you recognize her from the Fast and Furious franchise or her new starring role in the show The Baker and the Beauty, Kelley's face is one you should know. The Peruvian-born actress is deeply committed to keeping the planet healthy, she advocates for indigenous communities across the globe, and she puts her money where her mouth is. Kelley's skincare routine is an amalgamation of these morals: Every product comes in clean packaging and is full of natural ingredients. In the latest installment of Masked and Answered, Kelley walks us through her ethical routine, shares the key to relaxation, and schools us on compostable lip balms.

Kelley's go-to mask, May Lindstrom The Honey Mud ($90) is her favorite for all the right reasons. "It’s non-toxic and its ingredients are really pure and natural which is a must for me. I don’t want to be putting any toxins on my face," Kelley says in the video. "The other reason why I love this mask is that I can return it to the Detox Market in LA when I’m finished with it and they’ll recycle the jar for me." While the mask dries, Kelley indulges in relaxing sound baths, complete with tuning forks, a rattle from an indigenous Amazonian tribe, and soothing chimes.

Post-mask, Kelley practices some Gua Sha therapy, utilizing the Lanshin Pro Gua Sha tool ($125) alongside the Living Libations Ensorcell Serum ($44). Gua Sha massages are one of Kelley's daily routines. "I love to give myself a little Gua Sha facial everyday. It will release micro-knots in your face and kind of just soften the fascia and stimulate circulation." The serum she uses to help the tool run smoothly across her face is another favorite. "I love everything Living Libations does, because of their ingredients and because of their ethos with the environment."

The relaxation doesn't stop there. Kelley also loves red light therapy, via the Joovv Mini ($695). "Red light therapy stimulates the production of collagen in your skin. It’s really good to diminish the appearance of sun spots and lines. And it’s also really good for your muscles. I also use it to spot treat every time I get a little bit of a psoriasis flare up." Another favorite product of Kelley's is the Meow Meow Tweet Lip Repair Balm ($14) that comes in a compostable tube. "Think of all the little plastic tubes of lip balm we’ve all thrown out," Kelley reminds us. "I believe that you can’t be beautiful on the outside if you don’t have a beautiful relationship with Mother Earth." We stan an environmental activist! Watch Nathalie's full video above for even more details on her skincare routine. Don't forget to subscribe to Marie Claire's YouTube Channel to catch up on the latest episodes of Masked and Answered and share your favorite mask in the comments.

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