Actress Emily Tosta Shares Her Acne-Clearing Routine

The actress talks acne, long lash hacks, and her favorite supplements.

Actress and activist Emily Tosta knows some good beauty secrets and tips that we all need to hear about. The 22-year-old Dominican actress can be seen in the shows Mayan's M.C.Party of Five, and the upcoming film Wally's Wonderland with Nicolas Cage. In the latest episode of Masked and Answered, Tosta reveals her acne-clearing regimen, as well as her secret to growing long lashes.

As part of her skin-clearing routine, Tosta reaches for the Derma E Vitamin C Brightening Mask ($4). For Tosta, masking is an essential part of her self-care routine. "I’ll drink my tea, I’ll light some Palo Santo, and I’ll play some music and I’ll probably dance around my room." In the morning, Tosta loves washing her face with the Odacité Black Mint Cleanser ($39). She continues with the Derma E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum ($20) and the evanhealy Rose Vetiver Day Moisturizer ($49). Tosta is also a fan of Sunday Riley, preferring the Sunday Riley Juno Antioxidant + Superfood Face Oil ($72). For daily sun protection, Tosta uses either the Mad Hippie Facial SPF 30 Sunscreen ($25) or the EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen ($36). For an extra dose of luxury, Tosta uses the Derma E Vitamin C Bright Eyes Hydro Gel Patches ($24) and spritzes on the Derma E Mood Rituals Create spray ($9).

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Like so many of us, Tosta has struggled with acne. "When I was filming on set, I was running from one show to the other, and I was wearing makeup for 16 or 17 hours a day sometimes. And obviously that took a toll on my skin." Luckily, Tosta found a regimen that helped clear her skin. Tosta prefers at-home treatments to expensive spa days. "My mom and I are always doing little spas and facials at home." On existing pimples, Tosta uses the Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment ($26). Tosta also uses the Derma E Scar Gel ($17) to heal acne scars, and the Derma E Acne Rebalancing Cream ($17) to prevent breakouts.

Part of Tosta's beauty routine focuses on her internal health, as well as external. For supplements, Tosta loves the FarmHaven Milk Thistle Capsules ($19), the Country Life L-Lysine Caps ($10), and the Banyan Botanicals Healthy Skin supplement ($25). Tosta also has a beauty hack that she wants to share. "One of my biggest beauty secrets for growing your eyelashes and also growing your eyebrows is castor oil." The castor oil that Tosta uses is the Kate Blanc Cosmetics Organic Castor Oil ($10). Tosta's beauty regime is part of what makes her feel beautiful. "I probably feel the most beautiful when I’m doing this! When I’m doing self care, when I’m putting oils on my body, when I’m putting my moisturizer and oils on my face, when I just get out of the shower and my hair is curly and natural. When I feel refreshed, and fresh, and radiant." We love a lady who loves herself! Watch Tosta's video above and don't forget to subscribe to Marie Claire's YouTube channel to catch up on the latest episodes of Masked and Answered and share your favorite mask in the comments.

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