Inanna Sarkis Shares Her Routine For Dehydrated Skin

The influencer and actress talks supplements, Korean skincare, and more.

Inanna Sarkis
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Canadian actress and influencer Inanna Sarkis has just embarked on an exciting journey–she's a new mom! She gave birth to a beautiful daughter on September 12, and subsequently graced her 10.9 million Instagram followers with photos of the bundle of joy. Whether you're familiar with Sarkis from her substantial social media presence, or you follow her (and her family) on their YouTube channel, you know that she has some inventive beauty tips up her sleeve. In the latest episode of Masked and Answered, watch Sarkis explore her love of Korean skincare, and explain how she cured her dry skin.

The face mask Sarkis is testing is a new one—the Tamburins Tiger Leaf Mask. "A lot of my masks I get from Korea," she explains in the video. "I’ve just heard so many good things about their cosmetics and their masks." This one in particular is exciting for Sarkis. "The fact that this is 85% plant extract is amazing." Sarkis is also a lover of SPF. "You don’t want to get wrinkles!" she says. Her go-to sunscreens are either the Supergoop! Everyday Play SPF 50 Lotion or the KARYNG Complete Broad Spectrum SPF 50. For her lips, it's lip balm for her, and she prefers the classic Burt's Bees Lip Balm or the Fresh Sugar Lip Balm SPF 15.

Though her complexion looks radiant now, her skincare journey was not always easy. She used to suffer from intensely dry skin, and no amount of moisturizers or gentle cleansers would do the trick. It wasn't until Sarkis saw a dermatologist that she got some relief. "The moment I got a dermatologist, I started using products that were right for my skin, and therefore using less of [them]." Instead of slathering on thick creams, Sarkis found that fewer but more tailored products made a world of difference.

Working on her internal health also helped Sarkis achieve her skin goals. She takes the NeoCell Hyaluronic Acid Berry Liquid which contains hydrating ingredients. Another daily supplement she uses is the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptide, which can be mixed into drinks for a morning boost. But not all of Sarkis' favorite supplements are store-bought. "My favorite beauty and wellness supplement would have to be water. If I don’t drink enough of it, my skin suffers."

We love a hydrated queen! Watch Sarkis' video above and don't forget to subscribe to Marie Claire's YouTube channel to catch up on the latest episodes of Masked and Answered and share your favorite mask in the comments.

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