Curtain Bangs: An Expert's Guide

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If you've been online at all the past few months, you've probably come across a new and versatile hair trend: curtain bangs! All the TikTok youths are obsessed, and with good reason. Think of it like if your standard, straight-across bangs grew out to your cheekbones, and you split them down the middle, creating a face-framing look that's endlessly chic and pretty low commitment, as far as bangs go. To go along with the '70s hair revival we're having at the moment (see: shags and mullets), this new style is enough to get have any of us rushing to the nearest salon. And what better time? With masks coming off and autumn coming up, a new look feels just right.

Before taking the chop, I needed to know what those geniuses we call hairstylists thought. I reached out to Franck Izquierdo, the co-founder of IGK Haircare, celebrity stylist and R+Co collective member Ashley Streicher, and April Kayganich, stylist and resident curl expert, to get all the information before I officially join the curtain bang club.

Should I Get Curtain Bangs?

Good news: no hair texture or face shape is excluded from this trend. "I love curtain bangs for textured hair," says Kayganich. "It adds so much cute fringe around the face when the hair is pulled up or worn down."

If you're worried that your face shape isn't cut out for bangs, think again. Curtain bangs "add dimension to round faces, but you can wear the bangs no matter your face shape. You just need to style it differently for each. If you have a strong jawline, it can also help soften it a bit," says Izquierdo.

For the best outcome, Streicher recommends this look for anyone with some length. "I generally recommend a curtain bang with longer hair, as it adds a soft 70's vibe," she says. Of course, hair is meant to be played with, so a shorter bob doesn't mean you can't go for the chop.

How to Style Curtain Bangs

Just like any other chop, curtain bangs do require some styling. "The best thing you can do is invest in the right products first and foremost," says Kayganich.

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For textured hair, Kayganich uses a diffuser to give the bangs some intense volume. A little finger-coiling wouldn't go amiss either! Unlike traditional bangs, however, with curtain bangs, oftentimes the less perfect the styling, the better they look.

"For styling curtain bangs, just rough dry it for a rock-undone look. For a more classy look, use a small round brush and dry hair with your brush forward, not under, to open the frame and face," recommends Izquierdo. A great texture spray can add to the rocker-chick vibe.

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What's the Upkeep Like for Curtain Bangs?

After getting those sought-after face-framing blended layers, maintaining the perfect length does require some attention. "The best way to maintain a good curtain bang is to keep them the perfect, most effortless length, which means trimming them often," says Streicher. Whether that means grabbing a pair of hair scissors yourself or going to the salon for a trim, be prepared for some maintenance.

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Brigitte Bardot, the original curtain bangs connoisseur.

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For curls, a tighter curl pattern means you can wait a little longer before heading back to the salon. "I recommend clients come in anywhere between 4-8 weeks for a bang trim to maintain the shape and length," says Kayganich. "Looser curls will need to come in sooner as they will see the length faster than someone with really coily hair."

The good news? Growing out curtain bangs is a piece of cake. "The grow out process is easy!" says Izquierdo. "You can pin or tuck in your bangs behind ears. Or create a side part look. When they do grow out, you can easily blend them into your long layers." BRB, booking my appointment right now.

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