Ana de Armas Is Obsessed With Her Theragun

Here, the Bond Girl shares her self care routine.

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In the ultimate quest for inner beauty and outer glow, Marie Claire asks our favorite trailblazers to share intel on finding balance in their busy lives. Read it all, here, in Beauty Inside & Out.

Ana de Armas, to put it simply, is everywhere nowadays. The Knives Out star will take a turn as the newest Bond Girl in No Time to Die this October, leads an all-star cast in Netflix's forthcoming action-thriller The Gray Man, and is now an Estée Lauder Global Brand Ambassador. Here, the Cuban-Spanish actress shares how she keeps her skin soft and her mind calm.

Inner Beauty

Soaking Salts:

"Filming movies with a lot of action means taking a lot of hot baths to recover and relax. I add salts to mine—I mix a few kinds, like lavender, and the ones made for sleep and muscle pain. I almost fall asleep in the tub sometimes, but it really helps."

Therabody Theragun:

"Another magic thing that I use is the Theragun. Nothing compares to getting a massage, but when you don't have that in your everyday life and need immediate relief, [the Theragun is] incredible. I just love that thing. I'll just sit in the couch, watch[ing] a movie or show while I'm giving myself a massage with the gun, and it's heaven."

A meditation podcast:

"Sometimes I have night shoots, so I have to change my whole schedule and sleep during the day. It's really hard to unplug and just go to bed—sometimes I just can't because my head is spinning. I've been using this app I really like called Waking Up to help with that. It's really helped me to breathe and relax and just get into that zone I need to be in to rest a lot."

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Outer Glow

COOLA Sunscreen:

"COOLA sunscreen is incredible. I love the sprays; I love the scents. They're very familiar: It's all about piña colada and guava, so very close to home for me. I spray it all over, and I love the shine it gives your body."

Estée Lauder Beautiful Magnolia Eau de Parfum:

"I was very excited when I got to do the Beautiful Magnolia campaign because I really, really like that scent. It's fresh and nice and delicious, and I put it on no matter what time of day. I love floral, earthy scents, even with candles and other products. My shampoo smells like rose and magnolia, like I'm walking garden in a garden."

A Rose Quartz Gua Sha:

"I have this mini beauty fridge that gets really cold inside. I put all my eye creams and face masks in there, and my rose quartz gua sha. I discovered gua sha online. I have one here at home, and my makeup artist on set has one in the trailer, so I literally use it every single morning, no matter what. When the hair stylist is doing my hair, that's all I'm doing. My skin immediately gets pink and you can see the circulation happening. It's amazing."

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex Serum:

"When you're shooting, there's lot of makeup and prosthetics and alcohol on your skin all the time, so I have to really take care of my skin and help it recover. My skin is very sensitive to the face masks and they way they rub a little, too; I have a few girlfriends who also are going through the same thing. Advanced Night Repair is super hydrating, and it protects the skin. You wake up like new."

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Recipe for Success: de Armas' Café Bombon

ana de armas cafe

de Armas’ morning boost.

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center']I’m not really a morning person, so I need my Café Bombón next to me, and a little music. I’ve learned over the years—especially lately, since we’ve all had so much 'me time' at home—to enjoy the morning and use it to really take care of myself.

Make the drink:

Make one espresso and pour it into a small glass. Pour 1/4 cup condensed milk on top of it. It will sit in a layer on top of the espresso, and slowly sink to the bottom. To make it frothy, heat 1 cup whole milk in a small pot until boiling. Remove from heat, and use a milk frother or whisk to create a foam. Spoon the desired amount of foam over the espresso and condensed milk, and sprinkle with cinnamon. Enjoy!


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