Do You Have A Smelly Belly (Button)?


Maybe you thought lint from your cashmere cozies was your belly button's biggest problem. According to company Medali and Gold, the truth is belly button odor is an odd but common beauty faux pas. (Really!?) Don't worry folks: Now, thanks to a new product on the market, there might be a cure for what they claim is a major issue affecting us all.

This frightening press release inspired us to do some Google research: Belly button rings, less-than-proper hygiene, and even compression garments (think high-waisted Spanx) can trap dirt and moisture in your navel, leading to bacterial and fungal infections. Apparently, sufferers used to keep their abs underwraps (only compounding the problem), but the recently launched Navel Fresh Spray — a proprietary cleansing blend that removes debris and disguises odor better than regular soap and water — promises to remedy the condition with a few quick sprays. While this might be welcome news for many before Spring Break season, er, see a doctor if the problem persists. Then again, we say think twice before flaunting your fragrance-free navel—midriff tops are so Daytona '89.

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