Beauty Inside & Out: Adriana Lima

The model reveals her pregnancy beauty must-haves, gym warm-up, and the reason she washes her face with bottled water.

adriana lima
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In the ultimate quest for inner beauty and outer glow, Marie Claire asks our favorite trailblazers to share intel on finding balance in their busy lives. Read it all here, in Beauty Inside & Out.

Adriana Lima has always approached beauty from a health-first perspective. Think: food is fuel, movement is a must, and take care of your mind. As a mom of two girls and with a baby boy on the way, she’s on a mission to pass down those healthy habits to her kids. “I always want to set an example for my children to take care of themselves—not only on the outside, but also on the inside, with what they eat and how they feel,” the former Victoria’s Secret angel says. 

While becoming a mom has only reinforced her holistic approach to self-care, it simultaneously turned her beauty cabinet upside down. “Being pregnant, I have to be more careful of the things that I use on my body. Everything has to be more clean. I’ve been using everything that’s as organic and pure as possible,” Lima says. She’s traded in her old skincare for natural options straight from the Whole Foods beauty aisle, revamped her shower setup (Weleda body wash is her holy grail), and even started washing her face with exclusively bottled or pH-balanced water. 

To get the debrief on how Lima manages to stay centered—and look good while doing it—keep scrolling. From the newly-launched Waterdrop collaboration that helps her stay hydrated to the essential oil that helps her kids calm down at night, she breaks down her hacks to a healthy mind, body, and soul. 

Inner Beauty 


“Being hydrated is something that is very important to me, but I’m going to be real with you: I struggle. But with Waterdrop, I love the idea of having different flavors that are not only natural, but also have some vitamins that help you feel better and more productive throughout the day. You can mix flavors, like guava and mango, so it’s more enjoyable to drink water everyday.” 

Gym Time 

“To get up and go, I like to do cardio. I do five or 10 minutes of jump rope for a warm up. Or, if you’re good with double turns and you don’t want to spend so much time at the gym, do 150 of those—obviously not at once! You can do 10 or 15 at a time. The warm up is great to get the body awakened and the circulation going.” 

Gua Sha 

“I don’t use the gua sha on my face. Funny enough, I use the gua sha the most when I’m working out at the gym. If I have a hurt muscle or something is sore, I’ll use it on the area that’s bothering me.” 

Essential Oils 

“I have diffusers all over my house and I’ll use different types of oils throughout the day, depending on the vibe. At night, I usually use something like lavender. I’ll mix it with a bit of vanilla, too. Because I have kids in the house, I try to calm them down. 

I usually get them [essential oils] at Whole Foods, but there’s one that I like that’s a little pricier. DoTerra On Guard Protective Blend is incredible if you want to guarantee you’re using something clean and pure. It helps with your immune system too. You can use it in your diffuser, on your skin, or even put a few drops in your drink.” 

Outer Glow 

Bottled Water 

“A trick I learned is that when you wash your face, don’t use water from the sink. Use water that is purified or from a bottle. That’s the water that you’re going to want to use on your face—not one from the sink because it’s full of chemicals and encourages bacteria. There’s also a machine you can get that filters the pH of the water.” 

Body Oil

“I wasn’t using Soma Ayurvedic products before I was pregnant, but they're incredible. It’s all natural and plant-based. I love their vitamin C serum, their anti-aging cream, their eye gel, and their body oil. The body oil is jasmine and it smells incredible. Being pregnant, you have to care for stretch marks. I don’t like creams on my skin because I feel that it’s not natural. Oil is a richer and a more natural form [of hydration]—that’s my belief. I use it every day on my whole body.” 

Lightweight Makeup 

“My dermatologist, Dr. Simon Ourian, came out with a foundation and it’s super lightweight. It has sunblock in it and it’s just incredible for your skin. I typically use that during the day since I don’t like heavier or thicker foundations.” 

Body Shimmer

“Patrick Ta made this All-Over Glow Balm that you apply to your skin. I love it for when I want to show my legs. It’s a compact cream, and it’s not oily at all. I use it for the runway, the red carpet, a festival. It’s something I’ll always have on my body.” 

Shower Situation

“I used to use whatever—even if it wasn’t natural and clean. But now, I have to be as clean as possible, so I’ve been using the Not Your Mother’s Naturals shampoo and conditioner from Whole Foods. Then, my newest obsession is the Weleda Creamy Body Wash. It smells like lavender and I’m just obsessed.” 

Recipe for Success: Adriana’s Acaí Bowl 

acai bowl

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You can have it healthy if you want. Or, if you’re feeling naughty, you can have it the Brazilian way.

Mix & Match

“I grew up eating acaí. It’s refreshing and so delicious. You can add whatever fruit you want and granola. If you choose to be naughty though, you put condensed milk in it and add chocolate chips. I usually don’t measure, but I would say it’s approximately a cup and a half of acaí. I put that in the blender and then I like to add a little bit of organic honey. On top of it, I like bananas and blueberries. And that’s it, that’s how I like to eat it.” 

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