Alisha Boe’s Signature Scent Is a Very Chic Deodorant

The Buccaneers actress on her skincare must-haves, finding a foundation for her skin tone, and why tretinoin is her “best friend.”

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Maybe you know Alisha Boe from 13 Reasons Why, or, maybe, you’ve had the chance to watch her newest binge-worthy Netflix series, The Buccaneers. Either way, you’ll be pleased to know the actress behind Jessica Davis and Conchitta Closson has one of the most relatable beauty-slash-self-care routines in Hollywood. Allow me to provide some color. Her idea of a mental reboot: Laying in bed and doing absolutely nothing. Her beauty icon? Rihanna (same, same). On her off-time, she’s an aspiring “pilates mom.” And ,she too walked the middle school halls with overly-plucked eyebrows.

Don’t be mistaken though: She’s come a long way with her beauty knowledge. “When I started working more consistently, I obviously learned more about makeup and beauty products from having to be on set,” she exclusively tells Marie Claire. “Now, I’ve kind of got it down to a T.”

She uses great skincare and makeup (many of which are courtesy of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty), has picked up a handful of application tips, and fine-tuned her skincare routine with the help of a very effective prescription retinoid. To get the full breakdown on Boe’s beauty regimen, read ahead. 

Rise & Shine

If I'm not working, I love to sleep in and I will probably wake up naturally around nine. I check my phone and I kind of lay in bed till 10:00 a.m. and then I get up. I’m trying to not look at my phone the second I get up though. 

Morning Maintenance

My skin has been on a huge journey throughout my life. I remember having the worst breakout around 2021 when I was filming 13 Reasons Why. It was awful—but that’s when I really got into skincare. I learned that tretinoin is my best friend in the world. When my skin is looking consistently good, it's because I've been really good with wearing tretinoin.  

I usually cleanse my face with Cetaphil. Then I put on this Murad Environmental Shield, which is really good because I get hyperpigmentation. The vitamin C helps with resurfacing and keeps my skin bright. I get dark circles as well, so I use the Murad vitamin C underneath my eyes. I’m a huge fan of the Barbara Sturm serums. I love the anti-pollution drops and the vitamin B serum she has. During the winter, I patch all of that up with Weleda Skin Food. I also use an SPF—I really like Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen. 

Power Start

I've actually had a fixation breakfast the last couple of weeks. It might be a bit gross to some people, but I've been making toast with butter, soft boiled egg, and then mayo on top with pepper. I know the mayo really turns people off. Sometimes I'll do it with smoked salmon as well if I have it in the fridge. 

Signature Makeup Look

I'm not that great in the makeup department, so I kind of keep it simple. I know right now my eyebrows are giving thick, but that’s because I had my makeup done today. I have no eyebrows, so I always fill them in so you can see what I’m feeling and what expressions I’m giving. I use this Anastasia duo powder brow in dark brown and go over it with the Glossier Boy Brow. I was a sucker for the brand when they came on the scene and I still love them. I’ve always stuck with them. 

I also love the NudeStix in Sunkissed. I love the way it looks on my skin because it's this darker berry color. You just put it right on your face and blend it in with your fingers. I also use the cloud paint in the shade Storm and the YSL concealer. I use shade number five if you’re curious. I usually put on lip gloss of some sort and call it a day. I’ve been using the Fenty one that’s brown with sparkles in it. I love brown lip glosses because my lips are brown. It just brings everything out. 

Fitness Fix

It’s a running joke that when I’m not working I turn into a pilates mom. I do go to pilates, but I’ll also go to Barry's Bootcamp. I love group exercise classes. There’s something about running and loud, aggressive yelling that just gets me going. I force all my friends to go with me. I’m also a big walker. I usually love to walk around Silver Lake Reservoir, which is nice. Or go hiking at Griffith Observatory. It’s very typical LA and I’m not ashamed of my green juice and a hike. It’s in my DNA at this point.

Self Care Ritual

I will lay in bed and do nothing. It’s lovely. Honestly. A bath or really hot shower is also the best feeling ever when I’ve had a long day. Doing nothing in bed is the best feeling in the world though. I won’t even look at my phone or read a book or watch anything. I just like to lay and sit.

Signature Scent

I don't really have a signature scent. I’ve just recently started wearing perfume when I go out because in theory I want to be a person who has a signature scent. Something I do wear every single day though—which I stole from my boyfriend—is the Aesop spray-on deodorant. I wear that every day so I guess deodorant is my signature scent. 


My go-to forever has been the Maybelline Big Shot Mascara. I’ll also grab CeraVe and my Skin Food while I’m there. 

Beauty Icon 

Rihanna because she really did something with diversity in the beauty market. She set the bar. I have such a specific skin tone that changes throughout the year and I really feel like her brand is focused on undertones. It was always really hard when I would go on set and they didn’t have a foundation that worked for me. Artists would have to mix so many different shades. I just love what she brought to beauty. She’s also stunning and perfect in every way. 

Daily Playlist

I make a playlist every year. My current one has 400 songs. There's “Never Alone” by Budgie, which is a fun song, Some Jay-Z, a little Aretha Franklin. It’s a big mix of things. It really depends what mood I’m in.

Backup Career

When I was younger I thought I would be a psychologist because I was really interested in therapy. It’s the study of humans, which is actually similar to acting. It all falls under the same umbrella.

P.M. Routine

My nighttime routine is pretty similar to my morning routine, it’s just less products. When you wake up, you want to put stuff on your skin that protects it from pollution and whatnot. But at night, I just wash my face and exfoliate. I put on my tretinoin, a good moisturizer, and go to bed.

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