Welcome to 2018, the Year of Terrifying Eyeball Nail Art

How they're made is actually insane.


Just when you thought the chill-inducing beauty trends of 2017 were behind you (oh hey, tinsel lashes and reindeer boobs), 2018 swooped in and started the year off with a bang—i.e. nail art that's creepy on a whole new level.

Please say hello to these eye-catching (LOLOL) animated nails from manicure house Nail Sunny, which bills itself as the number-one nail-art chain in Russia. At first glance, the ultra-long nails look like simple 3D eyeballs (with immaculate eyeshadow blending, btw), but twirl a tiny bar on the back of the nail and the eyes literally move like doll eyes. THEY LITERALLY MOVE, GUYS.

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Yes, they look freaky as hell, but we have to give major, major props to Nail Sunny for their hardcore dedication to the look, which, according to a video they posted on Instagram, required a ridiculous amount of work.

First, they created the plastic eyeball (retinas and irises, too), placed it into a tiny socket, threaded a metal bar through, drilled a hole for it within the nail, then meticulously added a smoky eye, thick brows, and even eyelash extensions. The result? Something of your nightmares, and also of your wildest Saturday crafternoon dreams.

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Check out the process of the nails being made and think happy thoughts:

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