32 of the Best Celebrity Beauty Hacks Ever

Homemade bone broth? Slathering on honey? Why not!

celeb beauty hacks audrey hepburn
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One of the main reasons we turn to celebrities for their beauty routines is because their skin looks so glowy and perfect—it has to be if they're on camera all the time—and we'd love for our skin to look the exact same. Luckily some celebs have been gracious enough to share some of their secrets with us, and some of them are simple and even affordable. (Of course, these celebs also have facialists and cosmetic dermatologists and so forth, so it's probably not just these skincare hacks, but if you care about beauty, these are still some fun ideas to try.)

Standard caveat here: Always chat with a dermatologist about what works for you before you go slathering a new product on. And make sure to patch test if your skin is sensitive to products, like mine. What works for one person might not work for another! With that said, though, it can be so fun to experiment with beauty tricks like these—I need to start slugging immediately, apparently, according to Beyoncé.

Below, 32 of the best celebrity beauty hacks ever.

Lea Michele

celeb beauty hacks lea michele

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When asked about her glowing, healthy skin, Lea Michele told Byrdie, "Definitely drink a lot of water and get a lot of sleep. I know it’s cliché, but the most I ever see a difference in my skin is when I’m well rested." Simple, but effective!

Victoria Beckham

celeb beauty hacks Victoria Beckham

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Actually, this sounds brilliant: Victoria Beckham told Conde Nast Traveler that her in-flight ritual included a face mask on the plane: "The first thing I do is remove all my make-up and apply a Dr Barbara Sturm face mask—it’s a really moisturising treat for my skin, plus it soaks in quickly, so I don’t scare the other passengers."

Niall Horan

celeb beauty hacks niall horan

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If you haven't watched Niall Horan's Vogue Beauty Secrets video, it's worth a watch immediately (he's actually highly knowledgable—and he points out skincare isn't just for ladies!) but his most underrated tip is that he turns on a steamer to help open up his pores and facilitate the products he uses on his face.

Kim Kardashian

celeb beauty hacks Kim kardashian

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The list of Kim Kardashian's beauty and makeup regimen is long and well-documented, but her method of getting makeup off at the end of the night is shockingly simple: a wet hot washcloth (per People). Obviously use it sparingly, since too much exfoliation can be hard on the skin.

Julie Andrews

celeb beauty hacks Julie Andrews

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In a 1989 interview, Julie Andrews shared that she drinks a lot of water (which by itself isn't exactly revolutionary)—but by drinking the same bottled water everywhere she goes and never deviating from it, she explained that it helped keep her skin blemish-free.

Gwyneth Paltrow

celeb beauty hacks Gwyneth Paltrow

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The Goop founder probably has a lot of beauty tips, but in her Vogue beauty routine video, she shared that her first step of her everyday routine is to take a dry brush to her skin—literally brushing her whole body—to improve circulation. Love it.

Karlie Kloss

celeb beauty hacks Karlie Kloss

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If you want to take a page out of the model's beauty book, get some rest. "Sleep is my favorite indulgence. I like to spoil myself by taking a day off and sleep in; it's the best and most generous thing you can do for yourself," she told the Washington Post, adding, "Sleep is such a big part of one's beauty."

Naomi Campbell

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Talking to Into the Gloss, Naomi Campbell shared that her soaps are simpler than you'd expect (and a little more attainable for the average person): liquid soap on her face, and “in the shower I only use baby soap. I don't like too many perfumed shower gels."

Hailey Richardson

celeb beauty hacks Hailey Richardson

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Richardson's entire Vogue beauty video is worth a watch (she gives fun advice about wellness, including saying three nice things about yourself when you need a boost), but her best advice is to use a brush to wash your face, which also sounds very relaxing.


celeb beauty hacks beyonce

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Beyoncé doesn't share much about her skin routine these days, but in a 2011 ELLE interview she shared that she sleeps in Aquaphor (basically in an early version of slugging!), saying, "I go to bed looking totally greasy, it's not all glamour all the time."

Phoebe Dynevor

celeb beauty hacks phoebe dynevor

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Phoebe Dynevor—who has given us such glowy inspo on Bridgerton—has some fun beauty tips in her Vogue video, but the most interesting (and frankly the most fun) would be when she admitted that she does gua sha facial massage...on the way to work!

Cindy Crawford

celeb beauty hacks Cindy Crawford

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In an interview with InStyle UK, Cindy Crawford kept it real with all of us (and I appreciate the honesty), saying, "I’m not going to lie to myself, past a certain age, creams work on the texture of your skin but, in order to restore elasticity, all I can really count on is vitamin injections, botox, and collagen.”

Olivia Culpo

celeb beauty hacks Olivia culpo

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Bad news for all of us who love sugar and dairy. Olivia Culpo explained to Byrdie, "To be honest, I have a major sweet tooth and…I love ice cream. Ice cream has both sugar and dairy, which can be really hard for your body to digest. Once I cut this out of my diet for a while and added more greens, my skin began to clear up.”

Ryan Destiny

celeb beauty hacks ryan destiny

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Mercifully for us all, skincare doesn't always have to be expensive, and Destiny's moisturizer (La Roche Posay) is available at the drugstore. "Skincare is the best thing to do when you're about to get your makeup done because the base is everything," she told Byrdie.

Camila Mendes

celeb beauty hacks Camila mendes

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In a video for Vogue, Camila Mendes shared an intriguing face mask she likes to use. "There's also funny tricks that my mom has taught me. She would put egg white on my face as a face mask...Any time that I do it, it does make a really big difference...So that's a little Cuban mom beauty trick."

Shay Mitchell

celeb beauty hacks Shay mitchell

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Shay Mitchell essentially broke the internet when she shared with Vogue that her beauty routine has a whopping 58 steps (she really loves her skincare regimen). But the most viral aspect was her face mask regimen—she uses several, sometimes layered on top of each other.

Halle Berry

celeb beauty hacks Halle Berry

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In 2018, Halle Berry told Extra that she has an important beauty secret: drinking bone broth. "You can make it, you can go to the butcher and get all the bones they're going to throw away and he'll give them to you for free...Take the bones, boil them up for 24 hours…and you drink the broth. It's so full of collagen that it's crazy.”

Jennifer Aniston

celeb beauty hacks Jennifer Aniston

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If you know anything about beauty, you'll know lots of celebs like dunking their face in cold water. But Jennifer Aniston told Vogue that her strategy is highly specific: "Just get a bowl of ice water and splash your face 25 times. It's an old-school trick that Joan Crawford used to do. It just wakes your skin up.”

Billie Eilish

celeb beauty hacks Billie eilish

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Proving once again that she is a relatable queen, Billie Eilish told Vogue that Aquaphor is her go-to moisturizer, including for her lips. "I don’t use anything else, if I do it’s on top of this and it’s just for like a shine...I’m really not a big fan of lip glosses because they are sticky and then they taste weird—and then they get in my throat and I can’t sing very well when there’s a weird taste in my throat.”

Kate Moss

celeb beauty hacks Kate moss

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In what might be the least expensive hack on this list (aside from getting more sleep), Kate Moss told The Telegraph that her biggest beauty tip is to "fill a sink with ice cubes, cold water and slices of cucumber and hold your face in for as long as you can. It instantly reduces puffiness and tightens up your skin."

Christie Brinkley

celeb beauty hacks Christie Brinkley

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According to Christie Brinkley speaking to Byrdie, “I start every day by exfoliating my face...That’s something I’ve done for the past 40 years. I feel like it’s really contributed to my skin feeling fresh and smooth." (Obviously the efficacy of this will depend on your skin, so use caution before going overboard.)

Jennifer Lopez

celeb beauty hacks j lo

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May we all age like J. Lo, honestly. She told Vogue that "when I was young, my mom and my grandma, and my aunts they all had these kinds of crazy beauty secrets. One was olive oil, that actually we use [in her beauty products]." She uses it on skin and hair.

Priyanka Chopra-Jonas

celeb beauty hacks priyanka chopra

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Priyanka Chopra-Jonas told Harper's Bazaar in 2018 that her mom inspired her skincare regimen. One aspect is the ubtan face mask, which includes yogurt, turmeric, and oatmeal (and sometimes other ingredients, depending on the mixture). "Mix, apply, and leave for half an hour and wash off with lukewarm water," she told Byrdie.

Miranda Kerr

celeb beauty hacks Miranda Kerr

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On her KORA Organics beauty site, Miranda Kerr explains she loves using a dry brush all the time. "I recommend doing it first thing in the morning, just before you shower. Start with your feet and legs and work your way up towards your heart in long gentle sweeping motions."

Kerry Washington

celeb beauty hacks Kerry Washington

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This one's simple, but worth the reminder: Kerry Washington likes to go without makeup when she's not working. Speaking to Allure in 2017, she said, "When I’m not working, I try to not wear a lot of makeup. I have my foundation and moisturizer, and that’s it.”

Scarlett Johansson

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Speaking to ELLE UK, Scarlett Johansson shared that every night she uses a surprising household item on her face. "I researched natural skincare and found that apple cider vinegar is really effective. Using it as a toner can be harsh, but if you have breakouts it can be really healing."

Padma Lakshmi

celeb beauty hacks Padma lakshmi

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Padma Lakshmi, who's basically a goddess, swears by a very simple ingredient: honey. In a Vogue beauty regimen video, and then subsequently to Byrdie, she explained, "You just wash and cleanse your skin, take off all the makeup, pat your skin dry, and then slather honey all over your face, avoiding the delicate eye area."

Emma Stone

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Speaking to Marie Claire in 2012, Emma Stone admitted, "I just use natural grapeseed oil from the grocery store on my face as moisturizer. After the shower, I pat it on, and then I’ll use it throughout the day and at night. I pretty much smell like grape all the time."

Gabrielle Union

celeb beauty hacks gabrielle union

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Yes, yes, drinking water is important—but according to Gabrielle Union, it's so important that she literally drinks a gallon a day, a practice she started when she was in her 30s. "It changed everything from weight maintenance, to hair, skin, nails and digestion,” she told BET.

Grace Kelly

celeb beauty hacks Grace kelly

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It's not just a modern technique to mix shades to get the perfect color for your face! According to Cosmopolitan, a trick credited to Grace Kelly to create a dimensional blush look was to use two different shades on the cheek, "a lighter shade on the bone and darker in the hollow."

Marilyn Monroe

celebrity beauty hacks Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe was ahead of her time, and that includes moisturizing before it was "popular." Per Vogue, "To get her signature on-camera glow, Monroe would apply thick layers of Vaseline or white Nivea Creme under her makeup, while dermatologist Erno Laszlo kept her well stocked in his Phormula 3-9—a reparative botanical balm, specially created to heal a scar of hers—and Active Phelityl Cream, an all-purpose moisturizer."

Audrey Hepburn

celebrity beauty hacks audrey hepburn

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Audrey Hepburn, beauty innovator, went to trichologist Philip Kingsley to come up with a moisturizing treatment that wouldn't weigh her hair down. The result was an entirely new product called Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer, and she ordered it in bulk to have in her house always.

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