Dolly Parton’s Cheerleader Glam Was the Highlight of Thanksgiving Game Day

We know exactly who won this one.

Dolly Parton
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I know this isn’t technically how fantasy football works, but if I were to dream up my ideal football game I would absolutely have Dolly Parton there. Also, there probably wouldn’t be any football—it would be a tea party. This is my vision, right?

During the Thursday, November 23 Dallas Cowboys versus Washington Commanders football game, Parton appeared at halftime for a six-minute concert. While the performance was stellar, her look is what really stole the show (and the game as a whole) when she appeared in a full-on Cowboys cheerleader outfit and matching eyeshadow.

Keeping with the team’s Americana theme, Dolly’s bright eyeshadow consisted of red and blue hues in a not at all subtle, swirly pattern. Alongside her mile-long eyelashes, she wore glossy red lipstick and a touch of blush, adding some tiny rhinestone butterfly clips to her blonde bouffant (a classic choice from her impressive wing collection).

Dolly Parton

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While her lengthy red manicure was something to behold, my favorite beauty detail was a bedazzled star covering her bellybutton, on major display in the cropped uniform. Petition to make belly rhinestones a thing come summer, please?

“Well, hello, Texas! Dolly turns Dallas. You like my outfit?” the "Islands in the Stream" singer asked the adoring crowd, who roared in response.

In the end, the Cowboys did win the game by a landslide, beating the commanders 45 to 10. As you know, I’m no football expert...but I’m sure having the best cheerleader in the game had something to do with it.

Like every other day, we were all grateful for Dolly Parton this Thanksgiving. Texas especially.

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