Dyson's New Airwrap Attachments Are a Curly Girl's Dream

Meet your bounciest curls yet.

Dyson Airwrap with attachments
(Image credit: Dyson)

Taking care of curly and coily hair can be quite the challenge, involving hours of research on the best shampoos and conditioners, leave-ins, hair masks, and stylers best suited for your unique mane. Every set of curls is different, requiring a special set of products and techniques, but there's one game-changing gadget that's rocked the world of just about every curly girl I know: the diffuser.

Diffusers are hair dryer attachments that disperse air more widely across the user's head, enabling separation between curls. The result is better curl definition and more bounce from root to tip, along with significantly less frizz. And now, Dyson is launching a brand new incarnation of their beloved, award-winning Airwrap that features a diffuser and a large, round volumizing brush.

Made specifically with wavy, curly, and coily hair in mind, this launch is set to be a gamechanger. With this attachment, the Airwrap will now offer more attachments than any other multi-styler in the world. Personally, I'm already fantasizing about adding it to my (admittedly extensive) haircare collection, imagining the day that frizz will become a thing of the past.

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Gabrielle Ulubay
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