Emma Stone's Dark Red Lips Are My New Favorite Color

She's switching up her bright 'Poor Things' shades.

Emma Stone Burgundy Lip
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When Emma Stone embarked on her recent press tour for the movie Poor Things, she chose looks that played into the innocence of her character, Bella Baxter. This meant lots of fresh skin and pink lips. Now, with Stone's Oscar nomination for the role officially locked in, she's playing around with her palette. The first order of business? A bold(er) lip.

While making a Good Morning America appearance on Tuesday, January 30, Stone's pout was dressed up in a deeper shade than we've grown accustomed to lately. On-air close ups revealed the color to be a brown-red, satin formula that was gorgeously paired with a similar dark pink eyeshadow and liner. The color looked even darker as she was spotted leaving the studio following her appearance. Was it the light of day playing tricks or another application for her next engagement? Either way, it worked.

The La La Land star's glam was the work of celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin, a frequent collaborator of Stone's.

"I am always looking for the perfect berry brown shade to complement Emma’s coloring. She loves rich berry colors so I play with lots of different textures all the time," Goodwin tells Marie Claire. "This one was by a Japanese brand I’ve been a fan of for many years called Addiction Tokyo. The color is called Jazzy Song and it’s one of the extreme shine lipsticks. I love how it looks and feels so lush on the lips and then adds that see through pop of color that’s just perfect!"

Although she didn't touch on the shade while on the show (there was a lot to talk about!), Stone did dig into her beauty secrets. After Robin Roberts commented on her dark hair in Poor Things, the 35-year-old took a second to once again share that her signature red hair is also "fake."

"I'm a blonde. I'm a blonde! I have dyed this red, so, it's all a lie," she said, looking into the camera. "Brunette? Redhead? Who is she?"

Actually, we know exactly who she is: a brilliant actress with great taste in lipstick. You can shop Stone's recent shade below.

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