Easy Designs for Almond-Shaped Nails You Can Do at Home

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Easy Designs for Almond-Shaped Nails You Can Do at Home
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The almond-shaped nail, inspired by none other than an actual almond, is best known for its finger slimming and lengthening silhouette. It's the sleek and slender version of the oval shape, and the softer, less dramatic version of its pointy stiletto-shaped counterpart. The refined shape is perfect for nail lovers that prefer lengthy yet manageable nails. And it's a classic go-to for celebrities like Beyoncé and J.Lo .

Of course, a classic French manicure or nude polish pair beautifully with an almond-shaped nail. However, the wide rounded base and elongated tip also serves as the perfect canvas to experiment with fun and fashionable nail art if you're in the mood to get creative at home. From ombré to gold-foiled nails, the design options are endless. Want to start simple first? We've got you covered as well with an at-home manicure guide for beginners.

If you’re still not convinced of the possibilities of this universally flattering shape, then continue scrolling for some mood board-worthy inspiration to challenge yourself with trying out yourself. Or, to covet when you're bored for your next manicure...whenever that will be. Ahead, are 20 of the coolest designs that’ll be sure to turn heads and instantly elevate your nail game. You’re welcome!

These Color-Blocking, Geometric Nails

There's just something so oddly satisfying about sharp, clean lines. This color-block design was created by NYC based nail studio, Paintbox. Pair a soft and bold color combo of your choice to recreate this geometric design known as "the twosome."

This Swirled French Manicure 

Here's a twist to the classic French manicure, literally. The swirly tips make a bold and trippy statement, while the nude-and-white color combo remains a minimalist's delight.

These Golden Reverse, Half-Moon Nails

Play with negative space and add some shimmer to your next manicure. This golden reverse, half-moon design was dreamed up by Olive and June, a Beverly Hills-based nail studio. The design looks best on almond-shaped nails. Plus, going for a design with negative space will keep your mani looking picture-perfect as your nails begin to grow out.

These Tortoiseshell Tip Nails

Snakeskin, leopard print, zebra print, the list goes on...Let's face it, animal print nails are here to stay. The latest animal print to add to your arsenal is none other than the tortoiseshell. For a subtle take, leave negative space like so, and deck out your tips with this chic print.

These Gold Foil Nails

For some subtle shine, add gold foils to your clear mani in the silhouette of half moons. This simple accent adds dimension and will complement your jewelry gorgeously.

These Cow Print Nails

I mean, who would've thought cow spots could become chic? But here we are. Cow print nails may sound pretty weird in theory, but celebs like Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande have taken on the trend. And when done right, they're not so bad—they're actually pretty cute.

This Red French Manicure

If you're over the traditional stark white French manicure, try the classic style with a blood-red shade or your preferred color polish. Paint one accent nail if you please. Then, feel free to go the distance by dressing up your mani with dainty nail jewelry.

These Minimalist Striped Nails 

If you're not into over-the-top designs, or you're simply in a minimal mood, try a two-toned strike through. Like negative space nails, the clean design remains flattering even as your nails start to grow out.

These Watercolor Nails 

Don't feel restricted to just one pastel polish when you can combine all of your faves. Plus, it'll be difficult to be in a bad mood with smiley faces on each of your nails.

This XO French Manicure 

Express extra love with your nails by adding x's and o's to the nail beds of your French mani. It's a lighthearted touch to a cult classic design.

These Rose Quartz Nails 

These pink marble nails resemble a mood healing rose quartz crystal. The faint white, free-styled lines paired with a nearly nude pink polish is a toned-down yet equally eye-catching design for nail lovers that prefer nude colors.

These Polka Dot Nails 

Incorporate texture to your mani by adding polka dots. When you place the various sized dots towards the edge, your nail beds will appear a lot longer.

These Island Gyal Nails 

A cool thing to note about this lewk is that each design is different, so feel free to create your own unique version. Warning: these tropical colored nails will have you dreaming of your next island vacation.

These Feather-Like Colored Nails 

The caption of this design says it all: goldfish vibes. The feather-like strokes of orange and yellow polish resemble the wispy tail of a goldfish. How cute!

These Sunset Ombré Nails 

If remaining zen is your aspirational mood, take a stab at this smooth gradient design reminiscent of a beautiful sunset. When the color transitions are blended properly, it'll almost appear like your nail color is changing.

These Nude and Neon Nails 

Pair your nudes with neons for the perfect contrast. The added triangular shapes will be sure to draw lots of compliments, and who doesn't love compliments?

These Rainbow Nails

Can't decide on a color? No problem. Can't decide on the perfect shade within one color? Still, not to worry. Combine both light and dark shades of your favorite colors into one for a rainbow manicure. You too can have it all...at least when it comes to your nails.

These Double French Nails 

This two-layered French manicure combo is the strikingly cooler version of the classic mono-layered design. The more defined the almond-shape, the more prominent the curve of the design will look.

This Two-Toned French Manicure 

Consider this the yin and yang of French manicures. Reimagine the classic manicure by adding your favorite color combo to the tip of the nails.

This Strawberry-Kissed French Manicure 

Add some personality to your summer manicure by finishing off the look with hand painted nail art like strawberries, cherries, or even flowers.


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