Cow Print Nail Art Is a Thing Now, Thanks to Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande

JIC you were in need of some new, celeb-approved nail art inspo.

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If you love nail art, you know that deciding on your next look never gets easy. You know, when you're at the salon, and your manicurist says the three magic words: "choose a color," and you get that fluttery feeling in your heart, because it's time to make the most daunting decision of the day. I've literally stared at the colorful crowd of nail polishes for a half hour before, unable to choose the one—yeah, it's serious business. Thankfully, if you're into slightly weird-but-cool nail art trends, look no further for your next mani inspo. Cow print nails are having a moment, and celebs can't get enough of them.

Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande have both showed off their cow print nails on the 'Gram. Are you scratching your head at cow nails? I mean, it's interesting that of all the nail art designs they both could choose from, they go for these. Don't get me wrong—they're cute—but so random, right?

Ariana posted this selfie on her IG stories first a month ago showing off her new nails, tagging nail artist Betty, who goes by Nail Anatomy, and is responsible for the deign.

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Allure reports during their interview with Jenner, who was their March cover star, she called out cow print nails as a manicure trend she wants to try: "So there's one that's like cow print," Jenner told Allure. "I know that sounds really weird but it's actually really cool. So we'll see if that happens any time soon." The supermodel stuck to her word, and gave the moo-moo nail trend a whirl.

This weekend, she posted an Instagram story with square-shaped, white and black cow print nails. They do look cool on her, and now I kinda-sorta-want cow nails!?!

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(Image credit: Instagram/@kendalljenner)

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Kenny and Ari def spotted cow nails on Insta first. This trend has been taking off for a minute, way before they hopped on board. If you scroll through #CowNails, so many cool iterations of the design come up—from natural nails to acrylics, and worn as an accent nail or with bold colors, cow nails come in an array of designs!

Do you love it or hate it? I vote for Zebra or cheetah-printed nails next.

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