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The Best At-Home Gel Nail Kits of 2020

Lacquer up.

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Many people have been doing DIY beauty-wise in recent months, myself included: I've turned to tinted masks to color my hair, used ingredients from the kitchen as makeup removers and hydrators, and attempted a personal pedicure or two. It's been empowering, really. Instead of turning to my typical pros that keep me looking decent—think hairstylists, facialists, and nail techs—it's nice to know I'm capable of doing these things myself. But despite my newfound primping independence, one thing still seems more intimidating that it should: a DIY gel mani. In my head, these treatments have always been salon affairs exclusively. My hands are shaky! I can't help it. But times have changed, and more and more of my friends and colleagues have been ordering kits offline to try the treatments themselves. It's inspired me to do more research, and I'm now reconsidering my set ways.

Luckily, these at-home gel kits have gotten better and better over the years. Now, doing a gel mani from the comfort of your own couch is as easy as it's ever been, and I now find myself wondering why I haven't been pampering my nail beds myself all along. Even better, these gel formulas mean weeks of pretty hands that won't chip like some more temporary polishes I've been known to reach for, and the equipment couldn't be easier to use. Here, we've rounded up the best at-home gel nail kits on the market, for your consideration.

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For An On-the-Go Treatment
Rouge And Moi Gel Nail Polish Kit
Le Mini Macaron urbanoutfitters.com

This kit is as adorable as it is effective: it's shaped like a macaroon, for god's sake. Simply clean the nails with acetone, and then use the LED lamp to cure the gel polish in between coats for up to 10 days of wear. And it's got a USB cord, so you can plug it into your laptop during a WFH lunch break...or just about anywhere. 

For A UV-Free Manicure
Gel Couture Longwear Nail Polish + Top Coat Kit
Essie amazon.com

For those who can't be bothered with firing up a lamp, this duo is an easy one-two punch. Apply two coats of pigmented longwear formula, then seal it in with the high-shine top coat that'll dry down to a gel finish. 

For Extra-Long Wear
Manicure Essential Starter Kit
Red Carpet Manicure ulta.com

This kit promises a whopping 21 days of wear from its salon quality polish. Layer the base, color, and top coats in thin layers for a no-chip treatment.

For Beginners
Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit
Rosalind amazon.com

If you're a nail newbie and are starting from scratch equipment wise, this kit has all the staples. In addition to a lamp and six trendy neutral shades, it also comes with cuticle groomer, nail clippers, and files to keep your beds tip-top.

For Damaged Nails
Easy DIY Gel Manicure Bundle
Butter London butterlondon.com

Butter London's kit focuses on a low-impact mani that still stays put. The quick-drying LED light means less dry time, exfoliating nail scrubbers remove old polish and imbue nail beds with Vitamin E, and the peel-off polish fills ridges and comes off easily—but only went you want it to. 

For A Five Minute Mani
Miracle Gel Twin Pack
Sally Hansen ulta.com

Two weeks of wear is a long time to rock polish without the assistance of an LED light, but Sally Hansen's pair delivers. Apply two coats of any of the bold shades, and finish it off with the gel top coat. 

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