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The Best New Perfumes of 2021 (So Far)

New year, new fragrance.

Design by Morgan McMullen

They say scent is the strongest tie to memory, and excuse me if I don't want to spritz bad 2020 memories on my décolletage every morning. It's 2021 now, and while that doesn't mean all that negativity is behind us completely, the new year is a hopeful time of year that might bring some (much-needed) relief from the hellfire of the last year. In the spirit of rebirth, it's time to revamp our signature scent—and with that in mind, perfume companies have started the process of delivering us new fragrances that will color our memories of this time. So what do you want your 2021 to smell like? Perhaps some fresh citrus? A hint of some florals? A dark and moody wood-based scent? How about some champagne? All those notes and more are featured in the below fragrances. As we move further into 2021, you can be sure of one thing: There's a lot more coming your way. So ring in the new year with some spritzes in your inner wrist and neck. Because isn't it everyone's New Year's resolution to smell good?

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The Ray Of Sunshine
Costa Azzura
TOM FORD sephora.com

If the bottle weren't enough to convince you, this fragrance is everything you want in the early days of the new year. Warmth comes in with notes of oak, combined with crisp citrus and juniper. Think of this fragrance as walking through a forest near the ocean: Fresh, woodsy, and timeless.

The Summer Island
Lemon Island Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume
Atelier Cologne sephora.com

Atelier Cologne believes in finding the most intense and powerful ingredients to create fragrances that smell like the real thing. With lemons from the Indian Ocean, jasmine from India, and vanilla from Madagascar, this perfume is an island vacation in a bottle. Fresh, light, and thoroughly yummy, this fragrance is beautiful enough to cut through the dreary winter months.

The Lioness Fragrance
CHANEL chanel.com

As if you needed one more reason to be obsessed with Chanel, their new fragrance embodies the passion and intensity of its founder, Coco Chanel. With notes of patchouli, bergamot, lemon, and sandalwood, this scent is the best accessory of the new year. And as a fun fact, Coco herself is a Leo, which the brand drew inspiration from for this new perfume.

The Star Scent
My New York
Bond No. 9 New York bloomingdales.com

For the individualist obsessed with standing out from the crowd, this perfume is the perfect new scent to become obsessed with. Its star-shaped bottle and eye-catching design perfectly captures the essence of New York. With notes of ginger, pepper, sandalwood, and rose, this mix of spicy, sweet, and mellow is basically Fifth Avenue in spritz form.

The Crocodile Huntress
Loubicroc Eau de Parfum
Christian Louboutin nordstrom.com

As if the bottle wasn't beautiful enough, this perfume is as iconic as the brand's signature red bottoms. If crocodiles don't bring spicy, sexy mystery to mind, this fragrance will change your mind. With myrrh, cypriol, and sandalwood, this perfume is warm yet bright, and timelessly classic. An added bonus? It will instantly elevate your vanity thanks to Louboutin's creative genius.

The Early Naughts
Viva La Juicy Le Bubbly Eau de Parfum
Juicy Couture ulta.com

Let's be honest: the Juicy Couture Renaissance has begun. Matching sweatsuits? Check. Perfumes that smell like champagne and berries? Triple check. This new launch from the iconic early '00s brand is all you could ever want from a brand named "Juicy." Freesia, praline, and champagne-soaked berries make up the scent notes. Has anything ever sounded so perfect before?

The Sexy Newcomer
ST. ROSE st-rose.com

Even at first glance, there's something alluring about this fragrance. The devious name. The simplicity of the bottle. Take a whiff, and you'll probably fall in love. With hints of bergamot, ylang ylang, tobacco, and cedarwood, there's nothing about this perfume that isn't sexy. Spritz it on to carry that mysterious energy into 2021.

The Girl's Best Friend
Wild Iris Parfum
Tiffany & Co. tiffany.com

As if Tiffany's didn't already scream "luxury," this fragrance will elevate your perception of what that even means. With a white gold funnel and hand-blown glass bottle, this pricey item doesn't skimp when it comes to details. The fragrance inside is just as beautiful: With notes of green mandarin, iris, and rose, this perfume is a new kind of floral. And don't worry, it comes encased in a classic Tiffany-blue box.

The Scarlet Fragrance
Scarlet Poppy Cologne Intense
Jo Malone London sephora.com

If you've been dying for a little British beauty in your life, this gorgeously monochromatic fragrance is what you've been missing. With notes of poppy and tonka beans, figs, and iris, it's a scent that's warm enough to combat the rough winter ahead of us. None of that barely-there fragrance: This perfume is as intense and luxurious as you are.

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