36 Sparkly, Celebratory New Year’s Eve Nail Ideas

If you can't really party, at least your nails can!

Sparkly, Celebratory New Year’s Eve Nail Ideas
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New Year's just might be the holiday that lends itself the least to a quick pandemic pivot. You're literally supposed to be elbow-to-elbow in a dark room smooching strangers and swilling champagne. Whoops. MAYBE NEXT YEAR LOLz NOT LOLz?? This year, festive nails just might have to be a stand-in for sequined minis, ball-dropping, and general end-of-the-year debauchery. Because the truth is, I'm sure we can all agree that the end of 2020 and the dawn of a new year is something deeply worth celebrating—virtually, figuratively, or well, on our fingertips.

What's great about truly 90 percent of the lewks on this list is that you absolutely can try them at home. (No need to venture to the salon.) A masked-run to the drugstore or a novel look at your existing at-home polishes and you could have a sparkly, celebratory mani that will absolutely lift your mood. Think glitter, gold, sequins, confetti and everything else you probably wouldn't rock the rest of the calendar year.

And no matter if you're Zooming into Times Square or cruising to your Netflix next-up, there's no better accessory than a really great manicure. For the beauty-obsessed, December 31 is the perfect excuse for ridiculously cool nail art. This year, we’re going with chic, minimalist designs with that little something extra, like speckled glitter and (tastefully) bejeweled cuticles. Below, we rounded up the 36 prettiest nail designs that will make ringing in New Year’s Eve feel like a party.

1. The layered galaxy

This year, the idea of going out of this world just hits different, no?

2. These rhinestone polka-dot

Start with base layer of your favorite neutral, than add sparkly stones as you (and your patience) see fit.

3. This subtle quartz set

A milky rose quartz gel mani is set-off with slivers of silver and gold.

4. These neutral starry nails

Who is the star of this New Year's Eve? You, your Hulu login, and your nails!

5.  irridescent outlined nails

Materials needed: Clear and gold nail polish, a striper brush and a steady hand.

6. The dark confetti + glitter combo

Go goth, but like, in a cute way. (Black glitter + black polka dots = 🖤.)

7. This dark french mani

Ideal for an at-home black-tie affair.

8. These glistening gold nails

Someone just told me about the U.S. Navy acronym of KISS (especially relevant on New Year's). These nails agree.

9. This basic holographic mani

No IRL disco balls? Np.

10. This sparkly midnight manicure

Maybe you'll stay up to midnight, maybe not. The deep night energy of your nails is all you'll need either way.

11. These rhinestone embellishments

A rhinestone fantasy design made for those who want their nails to look like money (a.k.a. ME).

12. This "dip baby dip" design

These red nails are anything but basic.

13. This low-key glitter 

This goes out to everyone who wants to keep it chill but still be on-theme.

14. This star-studded accent nail

This is what you call chic and understated with one pop of ~ extra ~.

15. These sparkly bubblegum nails

If wearing a literal party on your nails sounds like a vibe, get this.

16. This rainbow french

If you don't mind going into the new year indecisive as hell.

17. These rose gold accents

Fact: Rose gold will never do you wrong. (Shop the prettiest polishes here.)

18. This metallic star design

JIC you want to show off your holiday spirit with your nails.

19. These tiny glitter tips

Are you more into neutral nails? A touch of glitter won't hurt!

20. This Swarovski strip mani

Your nails don't need much else when they're coated in Swarovski crystals.

21. These champagne glitter nails

Go all out with glitter this NYE, because why not?

22. This disco ball design

A manicure like this will make you want to dance.

23. These metallic foil french tips

Want all eyes on your nails? Bingo! This bold foil design can be spotted from a mile away.

24. This simple, sparkly stripe

Minimalists will love this low-key chic design.

25. These tinsel-inspired tips

26. This matte-plum mani with gold accents

An easy way to dress up this fall hue is with a pop of gold.

27. These royal-chrome nails

An unexpected twist for a holiday that's dominated by metallics.

28. This sparkly-matte combo

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We'd like to name this design "When Opposites Attract."

29. This oxblood-stripe mani 

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Feeling a little edgy? Go with this oh-so-sharp design—it just requires some strategically placed nail tape.

30. These gold leaf nails 

TFW you want your nails to feel festive and decadent.

31. This speckled-glitter mani

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Here's proof glitter can look chill, too.

32. These festive, bright tips

A *fancy* french tip is more fun.

33. This navy and gold design

34. These bejeweled cuticles 

I want to recreate this dripping-in-diamonds design ASAP.

25. This blush-pink and gold combo

NYE nail art that's still office-appropriate nail art for all the people who ran out of vacation days earlier this year.

36. These gold-lined, cranberry nails

This isn't your average red mani.


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