Celine Dion Just Debuted a Dramatic Lob Haircut at Paris Couture Week

It's the shortest style she's worn in years.

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    When Queen Celine gets a dramatic haircut, you take a moment to admire and appreciate it, people. The music superstar has been leaving a trail of flames behind her wherever she goes at this season’s Paris Couture Week (and wearing no pants in the process), and now an unexpected hair makeover becomes the cherry on top of a streak of killer looks.

    Reinstating the fact that Couture Week is simply her very own runway, and everyone else is just there to watch, Dion stole the show once again by making a chic hair statement on Wednesday. The singer unveiled a spontaneous shoulder-length lob, first in a street style appearance, and later at the Valentino Haute Couture Fall/Winter show.

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    For the front row of the evening's 2019/2020 catwalk, Dion styled her stylish new cut in tousled loose waves, worn with plenty of texture and volume, and tucked effortlessly behind one ear to showcase a statement droplet earring. Beachy perfection at it’s finest.

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    Earlier in the same day, Dion showed the versatility of the current celebrity must-have haircut. No seriously, everyone from Julia Roberts, to Emily Ratajkowski, to Reese Witherspoon have opted for the chop recently,

    This time, Dion's lob was styled into a super sleek, poker straight look to showcase the modern blunt cut to its full potential.

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    It looks to be a totally spontaneous and surprising hair makeover for 51-year-old star as, just the day before, she was sporting her signature long locks to Couture Fashion Week events with no sign of an incoming switch-up. Having said that, the singer does often opt to wear her long hair up, so it's possible that she's been tempted by the 'short hair, don't care' life for some time.

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    Although, after the bike shorts, the vibrant yellow tutu, the black leather opera gloves, and the futuristic 3D gowns all in the space of a week, we should probably know by now to expect the unexpected from HRH Dion.

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