The Worst Haircut of My Life Sent Me into a Tailspin—Until I Found a Way to Fix It

A second chance for girls who got the short end of a bad style.

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Nothing makes me cry like a bad haircut. Nothing. Not even breaking up with
my boyfriend—which I did the week before I went to the salon and got what was the worst haircut of my life. A cut *so* bad, it sent me into a complete mental tailspin. 

After leaving the salon, I had a meltdown (and a post-cut cry in the park). The simple trim I had asked for had turned into a five-inch chop, and I slowly went over everything in my mind to try and figure out how I got here. I didn't say anything to the stylist (I know, I know) because I was too in shock, but also because I thought that maybe it could grow on me. 

But once my friends told me my new chop—complete with side bangs—was less Daria Werbowy and more Keith Urban, I knew it was doomed. So when the idea of hair extensions came up,  I immediately jumped at it. 

The Bad

After a thorough Google search that left me with more anxiety, a friend of mine recommended I try RPZL, a salon in New York that specializes in extensions and blowouts. Naturally, I set up an appointment that week. The blowout bar turned out to be glossy and inviting and I immediately thought "thank god, this nightmare will soon be over." 

Once I got settled, the process was surprisingly short and um, easy? (*praise emoji*) I didn't experience any of the pain that can sometimes accompany extension applications. (Though the pinot grigio certainly helped.)

The Process

I learned that the difference between RPZl and other salons can be found in the ultrasound waves they buzz to render the solids used in the process to liquids—cutting the application time for each extension down to mere seconds. With the extensions ready on site prior to my arrival, the whole experience only took about two hours, significantly less than the seven or eight hours extensions often take. (*More praise emojis*) For a girl who wanted to reboot her look fast, this was everything.

As for how it looked? Say it with me: Yasssss. The results were what everyone who's trying to redeem a bad chop could wish for—seamless length and perfect hair color matching.  After a quick blowout and cut to blend it all together, I was reborn, edited, and revised. I was me again.   

The Good

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