Stunning Ombré Styles for Dark Hair

Get ready to call your stylist

We've all been there. Just days before your hair appointment, you have absolutely no idea which new hairstyle you want to walk out of the salon with. Everything from bangs and highlights to pixie cuts seem appealing, so you head to the internet for the final answer. And it's there that you spot pretty photos of ombré, the highlighted hair trend that seems to look good on everyone. It's the more chill take on highlights that requires little upkeep, and the results are always Instagram-worthy. Since the technique doesn't start from your scalp, when it's done right, you can be back in the salon a year later and still not need a touch-up.

So you want in—but now, where should you start? There are a plethora of hair colors out there, and if you have dark hair like moi, you came to the right place. Dark hair is the ultimate canvas for any first (or repeat) ombré dye. It literally goes with everything. So the next time you head to the salon, opt for one of these dyes to take you into fall and beyond. (And if you have blonde hair, don't worry—we have inspo for you here.)

Dark Brown to Caramel Ombré

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The O.G. ombré dye, if you will. Having your ends dipped in creamy caramel gives you a look that's seasonal all year round, not to mention all the money and time you'll save choosing this easy color. Who can argue with that?

Black to Icy Blue Ombré

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Channel your inner ice queen by choosing a light blue. It's the fun and out-of-the-box experiment that will pull in all the compliments.

Dark Brown to Chestnut-Brown Ombré

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This subtle yet noticeably gorgeous shade is loved by celebs, stylists, and hair lovers everywhere for its universality. It just looks gorgeous on every hair type. I mean, look at those curls.

Black to Silver Ombré

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This sophisticated dye job is a one-way ticket to the sleek hair of your dreams and looks great with any skin color.

Black to Blonde Ombré

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Dying to see what you would look like as a blonde, but don't want to dive in just yet? Consider this hue as a nice dip into the pool of blonde 'd0s. You might just stay awhile.

Black to Purple Ombré

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Feeling moody, but still want that wow factor? Look to the color purple. It'll give you a mysterious edge that's still approachable.

Brown to Burgundy Ombré

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Browns and reds look great on every hair texture, and burgundy is a friendly go-to choice if you're an ombré newbie.

Black to Green Ombré

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A deep dark green is the perfect addition to shiny black hair that gives it a multidimensional finish. It's among the most chill of the out-there color options.

Black to White Ombré

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Think of silver as the warm-up, and white as game time. This trend has been around for what seems like forever, and with one glance you can see why it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Black to Pink Ombré

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Pink is the ultimate mood-booster. There, I said it! Vibrant shades of red, peach, and rosy pink go great with thick hair and are more versatile than you think.

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