14 Honey Blonde Hues That Look Good on Pretty Much Everyone

When you want that sunkissed ☀️ look.

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Like a "back from vacation" glow, the medium hue that is honey blonde isn't too platinum or dark, but the perfect sunbaked medium. It adds instant radiance to a range of skin tones, but see for yourself ahead with these 14 golden celebrity examples.

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Dark honey highlights are a gorgeous complement to caramel skin tones, so bookmark this style for a summer salon treatment.

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The ultimate beach wave bombshell with born-with-it sunkissed highlights.

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Emma Roberts

Gleaming golden hues can also brighten up your face and help you avoid looking washed out if you have a paler complexion. 

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Claire Danes

This coppery honey blend adds in hints of deep brown and red for an even warmer effect. 

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Beyoncé tends to keep her hair in the honey hued range between golden blonde and lighter brunette colors, which always looks on point whether it's in lob form, sleek and straight, or curled to perfection

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Sienna Miller

The darker honey color up top contrasts the creamy blonde highlights that start at her ears. 

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Amber Heard

Heard's honey blonde spirals make her fair skin pop—if you're a natural blonde consider taking your hue up a couple shades near the roots for the same effect.

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

When the freeze-frame perfectly captures your satiny honey strands in motion. Hair flipping encouraged.  

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Blake Lively

Our perpetual #hairgoals, Blake Lively wears brilliantly styled mermaid waves with balayage honey highlights.

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Jennifer Lopez

If you have an olive skin tone like Lopez,  try playing it up with deeper honey colors likes this blend of blonde and brown highlights, plus jewel tones like her aubergine makeup. 

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Kate Hudson

Note how *glowy* Kate Hudson looks here—she looks like she just got back from a sunny vacation thanks to these honey strands.

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Gigi Hadid

At the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, Gigi Hadid went for an all-over glow effect with bronzer aplenty to complement her natural honey hue. 

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Jennifer Aniston

Aniston's tanned skin looks much more natural with this cooler honey shade than a brighter, lighter blonde. 

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Denise Richards

Natural brunettes, take note: here, Richards lightens things up with a blend of brighter golden blonde and darker honey blonde tones for an all-over sunshine effect. 

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