50 Must-See Celebrity Top Knots, from the Teeny Tiny to the Towering

Knot to be missed.

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Whether you're sloppily throwing your hair into a bun when the weather gets gross or pinning back a sleek, fly-away free topknot for special occasions, take some pause with these perfect celebrity examples.

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Jaime King

The perks of keeping your roots dark with platinum ends? This gorgeous blonde top knot situation. Everything about this look is golden. 

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Alexandra Weaver

A round of applause for this stunning red carpet look: a flowing mane, a *braided* center part, and a twisted top knot. 

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Andra Day

When you're pulling out all the stops: printed head-scarf, coral lips, fleeky cat eye, and a top knot as the cherry on top.

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Busy Phillips

A quick and easy topknot is a seriously underrated way to avoid doing a half up-do with long hair. Keep it loose and flowing like Busy Phillips. 

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Selita Ebanks

When in doubt, the best way to accessorize super cropped, blunt bangs is with a voluminous bun up top to draw the eye.

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Hailee Steinfeld

So many questions about how the hair stylist responsible for this look created a beautiful floral masterpiece out of Steinfeld's own hair. 

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Hailey Baldwin

Prospective brides: take copious notes on this face veil + top knot combo. 

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Daisy Ridley

The crown of her head is static-free, but the teeny top knot is accentuated with some on-purpose fly-aways. 

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Kate Hudson

The modern day version of the Marie Antoinette bee-hive: a powdered white top knot. 

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Freema Agyeman

A super elegant, super tall chignon that's all about the braids. 

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Don't miss the wispy highlighted strands on this classic topknot style. 

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Michelle Monaghan

Knots on knots on knots. 

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Yara Shahidi

The sectioned off hair pieces contrasted with long curly side bangs are beauty gold.

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Byce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard pulling off layered bangs and a crown-like top knot. 

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Janelle Monáe

One of Monáe's signature elaborate hairstyles: hair jewelry is definitely one way to lend your top knot some character. 

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Taraji P. Henson

This edgy ultra-long fringe plus super-short-sides look is one of Henson's fiercest red carpet looks yet. 

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Kendall Jenner

The bangs and face-framing strands seal the deal here. 

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Shay Mitchell

Like a tiered layer cake (except with, y'know, hair). 

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Natasha Lyonne

A blunt fringe + a coiled bun = red carpet magic. 

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Zoe Kravitz

A taller example accentuated by Kravitz's baby hairs. 

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Rooney Mara

The teeniest top knot the red carpet ever saw. 

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Keke Palmer

We're loving the jagged edge bangs and the floppy straight-ironed bun. 

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Kelly Osbourne

An asymmetrical *lilac* look that's tough to top for a going-out lewk. 

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Another mini knot for gals with shorter hair. 

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Dascha Polanco

If you've got voluminous curls for days, a half-up top knot can be one of the best ways to mix things up. 

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Gigi Hadid

Dark roots and a light braid bun are all part of the equation here. 

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Kate Hudson

Try a casual chignon when your face beat is on. point. 

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Salma Hayek

Loving this bouffant style gathered on top of the head. 

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RiRi's blunt bangs and bouffant bun deserve all the snaps. 

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Rita Ora

In which Rita Ora plays "matchy-matchy" with a ribbon the same color as her hair. 

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