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9 So-Pretty Summer Hairstyle Ideas to Try When It’s Too Damn Hot Out

Yes, even you can do these on yourself at home.


Summer is awesome—until it isn't. Until it flattens your waves, turns your curls into a nest of frizz, and leaves your scalp covered in a slick layer of perspiration and grease. If the world were a magical fairytale, we'd all have a professional hairstylist (probably, in this scenario, a cartoon bird) on call to turn our sweaty, limp hair into Instagram-worth updos and braids. But this is reality, and you've only got your two hands to rely on for a kickass summer hairstyle.

So to make the job easier, I broke down the nine biggest hair trends you're about to see on every celebrity and "cool" girl this season. They're all crazy gorgeous and surprisingly easy to DIY at home, as long as you know your way around a hair tie. Check out your new style lineup, ahead, and prepare for an entire summer of excellent hair days.

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1 Blinged-Out Twist

Listen, your hair is going to be frizzy and textured anyway this summer, so embrace the grit by roughly twisting your hair up and into itself to form a French twist, then secure the whole thing with bobby-pins. Tuck and pin loose ends in place, pull out a few face-framing layers to soften the look, and then, for the pièce de résistance, slide in a bunch of bling.

THE BLING: ASOS Open Shapes Hair Clips, $8


2 Soft Half-Updo

Here's a quick trick to making any hot-weather hairstyle look infinitely more chic: Add some interesting accessories. First, blast your roots with a texturizing spray, like Joico Body Shake Texturizing Finisher, for grit and volume, then loosely rake the top layers of your hair back and clip in place with a metallic barrette.

THE BARRETTE: Urban Outfitters Mini Margot Hair Pin, $12


3 Sleek, Bubbled Ponytail

Don't fear this ultra-glossy masterpiece—as long as you can tie a few ponytails, you can master this look. After flat-ironing your hair and spritzing on a shine spray, tightly comb the top third of your hair into half-up ponytail and secure with an elastic. Comb the next third of your hair (plus the half-ponytail) into another ponytail in the center of your head, tying them together with an elastic. Then, loop another elastic around the rest of your hair and your hanging ponytail—a few inches below the last one–and pin the whole thing to the nape of your neck to anchor it in place.

THE SHINE: Caviar Resort Sun Reflection Shine Spray, $28


4 High Puff and Curly Bangs


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Curly kids, let your tendrils fly this summer with an ultra-voluminous updo that works with the humidity, not against it. First, pull your shortest curls forward from the center of your hairline to act as faux bangs. Then rake and smooth a dollop of gel over your edges and underneath your hair before scooping your curls up to the crown of your head and tying them off with a hair band.

THE GEL: Ecco Style Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil Gel, $6


5 Rolled and Pinned Locs

When it's a billion degrees out and your thick locs are laying heavy down your back, your new BFF will be this rolled updo. Just gather your dreadlocks in a ponytail and tie off the ends of your hair (as if the elastic is about to slip out of your hair). Then grasp the ends and roll them up and over themselves, rolling and tucking your locs until you reach the bottom of your hairline. Liberally pin and clip the roll in place, then insert a sprig of flowers or an ornate pin into the hollow of the roll.

THE PIN: Chloe + Isabel Deco Pavé Pin, $36


6 Wet-Look-Headband Combo

Trying to find my way into the Royal Wedding ...

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Hey—put down your shade thrower, because headbands are officially back. But unlike the tartan nightmares of your childhood, this summer's headbands are gorgeously ornate statement pieces. To keep the look from feeling kiddish, pair your headband with a chill, wet-look ponytail. Just comb a dime-size drop of lightweight hair gel (I love IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel) through damp hair before tying it off in a low, side-parted ponytail or bun, top with your headband, and head to brunch.

THE HEADBAND: DesignB London Crystal Headband, $42


7 Slicked Back and Pinned

Exposed bobby-pins are the ultimate key to lookin' cool without trying too hard, because there's literally no wrong way to wear them. Just create a deep side part in your hair, tuck the side with less hair behind your ear, then hairspray and comb it until it lies flat against your head. Pin the side in place by slipping in 10 to 15 randomly angled and crossed bobby pins near the base of your head.

THE PINS: Goody Bobby Pins in Metallic Black, $5


8 Looped and Clipped Ponytail

A ponytail for summer? Groundbreaking. A ponytail with a lil' somethin' extra, though, like this gold hand barrette, and you've got yourself a seriously fresh look. Scoop your braids (or curls, or waves, or locs) into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. On the last pass of your hair tie, pull the hair only halfway through to form the loop (i.e. the thing you do every day at the gym). Clamp a barrette around the base of the whole loop—or, if your hair is too thick, just clamp it around half of the loop, as seen here—and let the ends hang free.

THE CLIP: Joyci Big Leaf Ponytail Holder, $7


9 Woven Dutch Braid

Sure, you can do your same ol' Dutch braid this summer, or you can test out a woven-and-wrapped Dutch braid, which looks definitively cooler. Just begin your three-strand Dutch braid as usual, but after two passes of hair, thread the end a hair chain (or ribbon or necklace) through the braid and bobby-pin it your head, beneath the braid. Add the chain to one section of your three-strand braid and continue braiding as usual, tying off the braid about four inches above the ends.

THE CHAIN: Silvadore Necklace Chain, $10


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