Lily James' Minimalist Makeup Plays Up Her 'Natural Beauty'

Makeup artist Valeria Ferreira shared all the details behind her springtime look.

Lily James
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Spring is on the horizon—especially if Lily James has anything to say about it. At the Italian premiere of her upcoming film, Finalmente l'Alba, the 34-year-old showed off the softest hues of the upcoming season with a makeup look reminiscent of a flower bud about to bloom.

Walking the red carpet in Rome on Monday, February 5, James wore a feather-and-gauze layered gown by Valentino. While dramatic in structure, the pure-white gown allowed her understated makeup to shine. Yes, a major minimalist look is possible.

Lily James in side profile at her film premiere.

Lily James' highlighter shined on the red carpet in Rome.

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With her dark brown hair slightly curled, James' pale complexion was enhanced by a sweet sweep of rose blush and gentle dab of highlighter. Alongside black mascara and a dusting of pink eyeshadow, her brown eyes featured just a bit of black eyeliner with the all-time-thinnest wing extending outward and upward. Finally, her lips were painted a soft shade of pink, complete with a glossy finish.

The Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again actress's makeup was the work of Valeria Ferreira, James' regular beauty collaborator and an absolute expert at soft girl beauty looks. The makeup artist also joined her in Italy for another Finalmente l'Alba event, where James wore a similarly simple—albeit gorgeous— makeup look, this time dressed in a Prada jumpsuit.

Lily James in a dark suit with light makeup

A second Finalmente l'Alba event called for sleek hair and a matte pink lip.

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“I got inspired by Lily’s natural beauty," Ferreira exclusively told Marie Claire about the look. "I wanted to elevate her beauty in a subtle way, creating a beauty look that is honest and powerful. Textures are breathable, tones are muted and the whole look is rather monochromatic in harmony with her white gown and dark luscious hair."

Ferreira broke the look down into three key elements: "A 'snug' black liner super tight in the upper waterline, thin and elongated. A fluffy brow that is soft and airy. Creamy skin with a touch of contour and a healthy ‘flushed’ lip."

Lily James on a step and repeat

Makeup artist Valeria Ferreira said the look enhanced James' natural beauty.

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"Watching the film for the first time last night in Rome with the cast, our director, crew and friends was a moment I’ll never forget," wrote James via Instagram on Tuesday after the premiere. "Saverio Constanzo I fell in love with your script the moment I read it and you have created something beautiful. The magic of cinema... Italian cinema."

There's a whole lot of beauty going on: inside, outside, onscreen, and off.

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