Lizzo Attempting to Apply Aloe to Her Sunburn Is the Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day

The struggle is real, you guys.

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There are very few things in this world funnier than Lizzo’s TikToks. If her viral “About Damn Time” dancing tutorial didn’t sell you, allow us to direct your attention to her sunburn soothing chronicles. Long story short, the Yitty founder spent a little too much time in the sun (please, we beg you, wear one of the best SPFs) and ended up with an ever-so-slightly burnt complexion. Being the smart woman that she is, she reached for a good ole aloe plant to help soothe her skin. 

Now, the logic was all there (aloe plant is proven to help calm and cool the skin), but her application method was a little—how do we put this—messy. There were many nose bubbles and a lot of spit involved in the process. “I’m putting this on my face because I got a little bit of burn,” she says in the clip, while dragging a chunk of aloe plant across her lips. “Not the aloeussy. How do I turn this into something I put on my face? I’m just rubbing the majora onto my skin. Is this how you do it?”  


Not the aloeussy 😗🫧

♬ About Damn Time - Lizzo

Thankfully, the “Juice” singer’s fans came to the rescue. While many became fixated on the “aloeussy” of it all, some offered up application tips that get our stamp of approval. “Oh girl, blend it!! I use coconut water with it,” one TikTok user suggested. Another person said that she likes to scoop the aloe from inside the leaves, blend it up until it reaches a water-like consistency, and then freeze it in ice cube trays for extra-cooling application. 

Perhaps the easiest suggestion out of the bunch however was to “find products that are aloe gels that are meant to be rubbed on the face.” That latter is, in our humble opinion, truly genius. To make sure you don’t find yourself in an aloe application struggle like Lizzo, we’ve dropped some of our favorite aloe products below. 

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