Madonna’s New Copper Hair Is Major Fall Color Inspo

BRB, heading to the salon.

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There were countless beauty trends to come out of New York Fashion Week, but one of our favorite looks originated right in the front row. For Tom Ford’s runway show on Wednesday, the one and only Madonna arrived with copper hair—and many inches of extensions. The new look isn’t just for NYFW though—it’s also the hair she committed to for her upcoming music video, a remix of "Hung Up," titled "hung Up on Tokischa." The video, which features Dominican rapper Tokischa, drops on  September 19. 

Now don’t get us wrong: This is far from the first time that the 64-year-old singer has experimented with her look. Her platinum blonde will forever and always be iconic, but she’s had everything from honey hues to jet black tones through the years. Most recently, she took pink for a test run. While she started off with a hot pink wig, she eventually dyed her blonde locks a pale pink with a little help from hairstylist Andy Lecompte. 

(Image credit: John Kappaloff/Getty)

While we’re all for a pink moment (cough cough Barbiecore), the red is perfect for Fall. And while it’s been a moment since the “Material Girl” singer was a redhead, it’s not the first time she’s played around with the hue. She previously rocked a similar copper tone back in 1997 and 1998. (Photo evidence below.) 

madonna red hair

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Experimenting with her hair is just one of the ways that Madonna is determined to fight the stigma that comes along with age. In fact, she’s been outspoken about her anti, anti-aging approach. “I don’t like the word anti, I guess,” she previously told Harper’s Bazaar. “Honestly, it’s just a word. I think we’re put on this planet for a certain period of time and our body is going through a state of aging and or deconstruction from the day we’re born … The aging process doesn't have to negative. I don't know why aging is a negative word, it needs to be a positive word. Yes, we are all aging, but it’s not about throwing in the towel—it's about celebrating who we are and getting the best and most out of ourselves for as long as possible.” 

Samantha Holender
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