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Beauty 101: How To Sparkle
Todd Huffman

Shimmer and shine are fine - if you know where to draw the line. Here, a cheat sheet

"To avoid looking like a disco ball, choose just one facial feature to highlight-eyes, cheeks, or lips." -ASHUNTA SHERIFF, CELEBRITY MAKEUP ARTIST

UP TO OUR GOLD TRICKS: Reinvent the basic red or nude manicure by layering on a shimmery gold in place of a clear topcoat.

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Todd Huffman

FLASH GLANCE: Draw tiny dots along your top lashline with a fine-tipped, glittery eyeliner. Over-the-top in an understated way.

MC RECOMMENDS: Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner Trio

Todd Huffman

THANK YOU FOR SMOKY: Black still reigns as the evening standard, but you can update your look with a little metallic.

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Todd Huffman

BLINK IT OVER: Bling up your lashes with two coats of silvery mascara-and flash as you flutter.

MC RECOMMENDS: Giorgio Armani Black Gem Mascara Top Coat

Todd Huffman

DO GIVE 'EM LIP: Glittery lips starting to look too-too? Why not consider a bright-red, opaque gloss instead? For staying power, pair with liner in a complementary shade.

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