The 20 Best Winter Nail Colors for 2024, According to Nail Pros and Editors

Cherry cola and dark, moody shades are quickly taking over.

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As the temperatures dip, so can the desire to utilize your beauty arsenal. The thought of bundling up and emerging from home can be repellant in the coldest weeks of the year, and getting all dolled up to do so sounds even less appealing. Snowflakes in your lashes are a major look killer, and the icy winter wind is going to turn your cheeks the ruddy color of blush anyway, right? But there's good reason to add a little color to your look, even when your inner chill runs deep. And your winter nails are the perfect place to start when it comes to dressing up—or down—this winter.

This winter, nail trends are all about the return to the classics. Long gone are the days of long coffin shapes filled with graphic nail art. Instead, nail pros and beauty experts are turning to minimalist shapes, shorter lengths, and classic shades. As for which specific colors to reach for in winter 2023-2024, we turned to OPI Global Ambassador Natalie Minerva, and Nadine Abramcyk, co-founder of the nail salon and polish brand Tenoverten, for their expert opinion on winter 2023-2024's trendiest shades. From the cherry cola shade that's taken over the beauty world to festive sparkling shades, here are the best winter nail colors to lift you from your cold-weather slump.

Cherry Cola

For the last few months, it’s been hard to escape fall’s hottest color trend, red. The shade has taken over our closets and our beauty routines in the form of bright red nail polish. For winter, both Abramcyk and Minerva agree that the trend isn’t going anywhere. However, the experts say they’ve noticed a switch from classic candy apple red to a deeper wine red. “It’s a great way to embrace the darker tones for the winter months while still honoring an age-old classic—red,” says Minerva.

Heavy Metals

You may recall from over the spring the metallic trend that took over the fashion world. Well, the fun shades prove to have staying power as we head into the winter.  Abramcyk says metallics are always trending, adding, “I love adding a little shimmer to a darker hue in the winter and metallics are always my go-to.” Think of your classic metals like gold or silver or try your favorite shade in a metallic finish.


If you hark back to the manicures of your childhood, I’m sure you’ll recall glittery multicolored party nails. I’m happy to report the disco ball-esque nails are making a return and will be just as fun as you remember, according to Minerva. “I think the multicolor glitters will be big for the holiday season, especially over NYE,” she says. “The multicolor is fun because you get a multitude of tones and shimmers.”

Deep and Dark

Every year as the weather turns colder and the days get shorter, it’s only natural our fashion style gets darker, too. So, Minerva and Abramcyk say you can expect to see classic winter shades like navy, black, and dark brown that match the season’s mood. “They’re neutral enough to go with every outfit but also add a bit more flair than a pale pink or nude,” says Abramcyk. Meanwhile, Minerva says she’s been painting a good many navy manicures lately adding, “I like it because it gives the same feeling as black nails but with the slightest touch of color.”

50 Shades of Grey

Nearly in the same realm as the darker shades you know and love, grey has plenty of tones to choose from and they’re emerging as a major trend this winter. “I’ve been seeing so much gray the last month or so, and I love it,” says Minerva “It’s a great way to have a palette cleanser while still keeping it unique. It also pairs with everything!” Whether you go dark and stormy or choose a light cloud-like shade, grey is a fresh neutral to embrace this season.

Meet the Experts

Nataline Minerva OPI global ambassador headshot
Natalie Minerva

Natalie Minerva’s eye for detail and design has made her a leader in the nail industry for the last 11 years. As the lead nail artist for the second season of HBO’s Euphoria, Natalie is responsible for some of the biggest nail trends taking over social media. While working at “A Club Called Rhonda”, a highly revered party amongst industry professionals, Natalie began her nail journey on Instagram. Through social media, she made connections that have allowed her to become the go-to artist for celebrities like Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Halsey, Barbie Ferreira, Addison Rae and more. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan amongst other publications.

Nadine Abramcyk founder of tenoverten headshot
Nadine Abramcyk

Nadine Abramcyk is co-founder of the all-natural nail salon and polish company TENOVERTEN. She started the brand alongside business partner Adair Ilyinsky nearly 14 years ago after they were frustrated with the manicure experience in New York City.

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