8 Eyebrow Growth Serums That Really Work

Also known as: How fix the damage done by over-plucking your brows in the '90s.

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One of the best pieces of beauty advice I've ever received: Stop messing with your brows. This nugget of wisdom was given to me by my best friend’s mother, who never let my friend pluck her brows and to this day is to thank for some of the nicest brows I’ve ever seen. Alas, we aren't all so lucky, and many of us have reached for the tweezers one too many times and now can't seem to grow our brows back into their luscious, full shapes of yesteryear. Thankfully, as with most forms of hair loss, there is a remedy for that: brow growth serums. I went straight to brow extraordinaire Joey Healy for the insight into the growth magic of eyebrow serums, and why you should consider adding one to your routine.

What stimulates eyebrow growth?

Eyebrow serums are filled with nutrients and vitamins that target the existing hair and hair follicles to improve hair growth and overall strength. If you're looking for brow growth, you need to use a serum. “They can repair damage from the past of over-tweezing, waxing, threading, and overworking of the brows as a teenager,” says Healy.

Brow shape and growth change over time and with hormonal shifts like pregnancy and menopause. Healy explains that the peptides in serums are what gives them their growing powers. “When amino acids are in long sequences they create peptides, and when peptides are in long chains they create proteins which really are the building blocks of hair,” explains Healy.

How long does it take to see results?

That depends on your current brow situation. It’s important to note that results will vary if you’re a constant plucker, waxer, or threader as compared to the occasional brow shaper. Healy says, “Generally, the more damaged the brow is, the more time it takes to see a maximum result. We have clients that see new hair growth in as little as three weeks, but I would say six to eight.”

The most important thing is to keep it up; Healy says that he’s had clients who sometimes don’t see results for a year. Also, make sure you’re following a proper regimen for applying the serum if you want it to be effective; consistency is key. “Most serums need to be applied twice a day for six weeks, and once a day thereafter. It is important that it needs to be for six weeks because you want to saturate the hair as all of those hairs are entering their early growth phase," says Healy.

A bonus? Nothing beats a good 2-in-1, so when Healy shared that most brow serums also work as an eyelash serum, I was sold. Quick note: If your eyebrow serum contains any prostaglandins, don’t use it near your eyes warns Healy, “The one thing you do want to avoid is hormones such as prostaglandins that can have weird and bizarre effects in the eye area, including darkness underneath the eye, and changing in the iris color.”

What are the most effective eyebrow growth serums?