We Can't Stop Watching These Insanely Satisfying Eyebrow Tattoo Videos

Mid-action shots, big reveals, and crazy before-and-afters, all on repeat.

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Eyebrow tattooing has been around since ancient-Egyptian times, but unlike Cleopatra, modern woman has both an iPhone and a devotion to Instagram, making the whole process a lot more accessible to the masses—ahem, us—who would gladly watch a billion mesmerizing tattoo videos until our eyes glazed over and turned to dust.

And that's exactly what we've done with these 13 videos, ahead. Consider us an expert now on the making of brow tats, which involve nicking the skin and filling in the itty-bitty cuts with pigment for a thick, fluttery finish. It looks just as weird as it sounds, but the "after" shots are so damn satisfying, you won't be able to stop watching, either. RIP, eyes.

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2 This full-treatment shot

UP CLOSE ACTION OF THESE BOMB ASS 3D HAIR STROKES!!! Don't sleep on getting your brows done by me dolls 😘😘😜🌟INK USED: HONEY BROWN from my ink line that's dropping soon🌟 -------------------------- 📅 BOOK an appointment ASAP with me in LAS VEGAS next available appointments are in SEPTEMBER (book now or I'll get booked even farther out)☎️702-333-0755 ⭐️IF YOU CANNOT WAIT FOR ME WE DO HAVE ANOTHER ARTIST WHO HAS BEEN DIRECTLY TRAINED UNDER ME AND YOU CAN BOOK AN APPOINTMENT SOONER🤗 ----------------------------------------------------------📅BOOKING FOR LA in SEPTEMBER NOW call ☎️702-333-0755 ---------------------------------------------------------- 📅BOOK WITH ME in SACRAMENTO call 👉☎️(916)782-2277 ----------------------------------------------------------📅BOOK WITH ME on my tour dates for appointments please call ☎️702-333-0755 ---------------------------------------------------------- ✔️semi permanent tattoo ✔️realistic hair like strokes NOT the shaded in "look" ✔️thorough consultation before procedure begins ✔️lasts up to one year ✔️takes about 1 hour to do ✔️minimal pain numbing cream is applied ✔️instant results ✔️I match your brow hair color ✔️redness goes away in 30 minutes ✔️no down time ---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- STUDENT & CLIENT FEEDBACK ---> @threadedbeautyvegas ---------------------------------------------------------- 👇👇2017 & 2018 TOUR DATES FOR CLASSES 👇👇 DENVER(8 spots left) 3D Hair Strokes Class- September 2nd 2017 --------------- VEGAS(3 spots left) 3D Hair Strokes Class- September 10th 2017 -------------- NYC (15 spots left) 3D Hair Strokes Class- October 7th 2017 -------------- VEGAS(14 spots) 3D Hair Strokes Class- October 14th 2017 -------------- SACRAMENTO(15 spots) 3D Hair Strokes Class- October 21st 2017 -------------- LAS VEGAS 3D Hair Strokes Class- November 18th 2017 -------------- LAS VEGAS 3D Hair Strokes Class- December 16th 2017 -------------- ATLANTA 3D Hair Strokes Class- January 13th 2018 -------------- BAY AREA 3D Hair Strokes Class- February 18th 2018 -------------- DALLAS 3D Hair Strokes Class- March 24th 2018

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5 This slow and methodical stenciling

6 This crisscross hash-marking

Microblading Kıl Tekniği 🤗🤗💜 #microbladingvideo #kılteknigi #adanakalıcımakyaj #😊

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10 This surprising fake-out

11 This soft and subtle shading

Parantuneet kulmat ennen vahvistusta #microbladingvideo #microblading #microbladinghelsinki #finbrows #sharpbrows

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13 This traced before-and-after

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