Buckle Up: Transformer Nail Art Is the Latest Crazy Manicure Technology

More than meets the eye.

Considering that 2016 ushered in succulent and floating aquarium nails, we shouldn't be surprised that 2017 is the year robot manicures come to life.

Introducing: Transformer nails, which is a new technique from nail artist Tony Ly (yes, the man behind the aforementioned aquatic digit wonders) who is cultivating a whole new, mechanical approach to nail art. His pièce de résistance? A 3-D ladybug with studded "mobile" wings.

We get dizzy trying to wrap our heads around the engineering of the pulley situation, but believe that Ty placed a tiny axel at the base of the nail beneath the two wings to create the flapping motion.

And beyond the blinged-out bug, Ly has a slew of other mechanized tricks up his sleeve. Take for example the spinning wheel embedded into a crystal-encrusted digit. Orrrr how about the black stiletto nails that have small silver beads sliding up and down its metal wire detail?

While some of Tony's movement-inspired designs may not be as functional as a classic gel manicure, we have to admit: His knack for eccentric design is pretty much unparalleled.

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