DIY Halloween Nails: Grunge-Chic and Zombie-licious

1. JINsoon Power Coat / 2. JINsoon Obsidian / 3. JINsoon Matte Maker

Though you may hate to admit it, we know you've been concocting your Halloween costumes since the end of September. At least, we were. But before you get too excited about the totally clever costume you have brewing in your closet, make sure you complete your look with the nails to match.

Crowned "Nail Guru" by The New York Times Magazine, Jin Soon Choi is a rising name in the world of nail art and design with a fabulous eponymous collection. For your inner-grunge chic and -zombie swag, try this Halloween nail look inspired by JINsoon's signature colors:

Step 1: Apply JINsoon Power Coat Base Coat.

Step 2: Apply two coats of NARS Ecume.

Step 3: Apply two coats of JINsoon Obsidian on top of Ecume, covering it fully.

Step 4: Wipe parts of the nail with a makeup sponge dabbed with nail polish remover to get the scratched grunge effect.

Step 5: Apply JINsoon Matte Maker Matte Top Coat.

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