Miley Cyrus, Millennial, Shows Side Parts Can Still Be Cool With Hair Transformation

No! Beauty! Rules!

Miley Cyrus is seen at the NBC Upfronts dinner at Marea on May 15, 2022 in New York City
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Remember when everyone was in a tizzy about the side part vs. middle part debate, and Gen Zs were telling millennials they couldn't wear their hair side-parted anymore, unless they wanted to be, like, totally uncool?

Well, although I'm all for the younger generation putting us oldies in our place (they're the future, after all), Miley Cyrus is here to tell us all that there are no beauty rules. You can look cool with whatever hairstyle takes your fancy—including side-parted ones.

During her tour of South America, she rocked a middle-parted bleach blonde lob with long curtain bangs.

Miley Cyrus in South America

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But in recent weeks, she appears to have been growing out said bangs and getting a kick out of styling her hair with a side part. And it has to be said: She looks completely amazing in the look.

In her most recent Instagram post, Cyrus shared a pic of herself in bed with a cup of herbal tea (rockstar move), wearing a tank top with the words "Hell Yeah I'm Miley Cyrus" on it ('nother rockstar move).

The words are a reference to Selena Gomez' recent Saturday Night Live monologue. In her speech, Gomez did an absolutely jaw-dropping impression of her friend from their Disney Channel days, saying first, "Just be yourself and have fun" in Cyrus' signature low voice and subtle Tennessee twang. Gomez then said, "Hell yeah I'm Miley Cyrus" in her spot-on Miley Cyrus voice.

Cyrus has been spotted with her new hair look several times while in New York City, and gave off huge early-noughties Paris Hilton vibes with giant sunglasses and a belt sitting low on her hips. I'm, quite frankly, living for it.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - May 16, 2022

(Image credit: Photo by Raymond Hall / Getty Images)

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - May 16, 2022

(Image credit: Photo by Gotham / Getty Images)
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