Total Reset: The 10 Beauty Treatments You Need for That Whole "New You" Thing

'Tis the season to renew.

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The new year is just around the bend, and there's no better time to cross off all the beauty items on your to-do list. From tried-and-true treatments to the latest beautifying technology, everything you need to feel like a brand-new person is on this list. Treat it as your own personal countdown to a particularly pretty 2015.

1. Get a facial peel and extraction. "No pain no gain" will never ring truer, but you'll seek solace in your newly soft, glowing skin free of dry patches and blackheads.

2. Have your eyebrows shaped. #Eyebrowsonfleek are a hot commodity, which means you've got to leave the shaping to the professionals. Vet your brow guru like your life depends on it, because it kind of does.

3. Visit the salon for a new hair color or cut. Enough with the trims and root touch-ups! Women are being more creative and playful with their coifs than ever. Get in on the fun already.

4. Go to a Russian bath house. From the steamy saunas to the icy pools, submerge yourself in age-old bathing rituals that will improve circulation, release toxins, and leave your skin silky soft.

5. Have your teeth whitened. Wash away your coffee and red wine sins—your RiRi Woo-painted pout will thank you.

6. Get a Swedish massage. At the end of the year, one thing's for certain: You've got much tension to release. This won't just relax your muscles, but also rid you of those pesky stress hormones and leave you in a state of total relaxation, which honestly sounds like the ideal way to start a new year, doesn't it?

7. Wax your choice body part(s).  Cold weather may have translated to an au naturale body hair situation in winters past, but those days are over. Whether it's your bikini area or favorite pair of limbs, do yourself a solid and give your razor a break.

8. Explore facial Mesotherapy. A more holistic approach to nipping and tucking, this minimally invasive treatment injects the skin with a vitamin cocktail of antioxidants to improve texture and tone.

9. Meet with an Ayurveda doctor. If you're one for the "beauty from the inside out" approach, get your mind and body in balance by finding your dosha. From a new diet to a skincare regimen, your appearance will thank you.

10. And if you're really bold...experience the buzzy new "Pod" body treatment. Slip into a pod-like vessel that uses infrared heat technology to detoxify and increase blood circulation, sans damaging rays. P.S. It can boost your metabolism and increase collagen growth over multiple visits, too. 

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