Blake Lively Makes Her First Post-Baby Appearance, Somehow Looks Better Than Ever

Cancel your touch-up appointment stat.
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Blake Lively has made her first appearance since welcoming her daughter in December and aside from the fact that she looks unbelievable, we're basking in one cool detail: she still hasn't touched-up those roots.

The actress attended designer Gabriela Cadena's show during New York Fashion Week—she wore a black and white bodycon number paired with a sleek coat worn on the shoulders—and epitomized the beauty of a subtle ombré, a.k.a. sombré.

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Many women let their roots grow during pregnancy as a safety precaution, but typically touch them up soon after giving birth. However, we had a sneaking suspicion that Lively wouldn't be so quick to run back to her colorist as she wears those lengthy dark roots with her golden blonde hair so well. 

Ladies, take note, as one reason her grown-out look is so successful is that she utilizes one of our tried-and-true tricks for concealing roots in between appointments, and that's side-parting the hair. It musses things up a bit, which makes the severity of the roots less noticeable.

In the midst of contemplating letting our roots grow, Lively's blasé attitude towards keeping her dye job fresh is decidedly reassuring that we've got at least a week of two of leeway.

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