How to Cover Any Blemish Anywhere, Courtesy of the People Who Do Victoria's Secret Angels' Body Makeup

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As spring draws near, we're contemplating (fearfully) the idea of exposing our long-covered bodies to the world in all their dull, dry, acned glory. And while we're experts at concealing spots and blemishes on our faces, the rest of our skin real estate is a different story. 

We've looked to the powers that be at Victoria's Secret, who've yielded some of the most enviable bodies in the business. Here, fresh off the shoot for the first-ever Victoria's Secret Swim Special, makeup artist Carolina Gonzalez helps us break down how to cover up anything anywhere.

To Prep

  • Exfoliate. Aside from any areas that are sensitive, you should exfoliate your entire body twice a week to allow the growth of healthy new skin. A good scrub will remove dead cells, unclog pores, and increase circulation, which leads to a better complexion overall, AKA the best base to work with when it comes to cover up.
  1. Moisturize. Your body is no different than your face: Makeup looks a million times better on skin that's hydrated. To promote smooth, supple skin, moisturize your entire body daily using a plush lotion formula like Dove Body Cream Oil Lotion for Sensitive Skin ($8.49). The best time to slather it on is right after you get out of the shower as it will lock the moisture into your skin.
  2. Remove hair in advance. Because hairy stems become no one, Gonzales recommends shaving at lease 4-6 hours or waxing two days before you attempt to apply anything to your skin.
  3. To Conceal

    •  Target blemishes. Whether it's a breakout, rash, stretch marks, or veins, body makeup is the way to go, but it's all about the right formula. To determine the correct color for your body, you must be mindful to your skin's undertones. For pink, use a product with olive or yellow undertones. If your skin is olive, counteract any ashen or gray with warm undertones. If you have fair skin, always look for a light finish. Once you've got your shade, you must layer, layer, and layer.

      "Apply a couple of layers, but let the product dry in between," advises Gonzales. "If more is needed, cover with a  cream blush, which puts the blood back into the color so that its not too yellow."

      As far as an application tool, look to a medium-sized flat makeup brush designed for the body. We love Make Up For Ever's Body Foundation Brush ($36).

      • Give yourself a sun-kissed glow. Fight dullness and cover imperfections by applying a self tanner but proceed with caution. First, find the right formula for your skin type. "For dry skin, a gradual tanning lotion will moisturize and help you avoid patchiness," explains Gonzales. "For oily skin, a mousse or gel is best as they sink in quickly for even results."

        To avoid streakiness, you must blend the product evenly. Gonzales swears by a mitt like Vita Liberata Tanning Mitt ($6.50) for a truly #flawless application. Bonus: It'll keep your palms from getting stained so you'll never get caught orange-handed.

      1. Be mindful of the weather. Different forecasts call for different formulas. "If you will be in heat, use a spray self tanner or waterproof body makeup," says Gonzales. "These are also best if you don't want it to rub off on your clothing. In the cold, I like to use a moisturizing body makeup."
      2. The Victoria's Secret Swim Special premieres on February 26 at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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