Genius Hair Idea: Amber Heard's Swoop and Brushed-Out Waves


I don't think it's a stretch for me to say that, now more than ever, it is socially acceptable to go outside with un-brushed hair and not be jeered at or thought of as...quirky. Chunky, clumpy natural texture is certifiably cool, and practically nobody does it cooler than Amber Heard. Just look at her go:


Total bombshell, right? The thing is, it actually *looks* like somebody ran a Mason Pearson through the lengths recently, but then she took a nap or something and the strands magically reattached themselves to each other while still retaining that freshly washed fluffiness. And that swoop by the hairline? Kind of casual but '90s supermodel and vintage-y all at the same time, especially with her stamped-on red lip and brocade trumpet skirt.

Okay, guys. This is seriously making me reevaluate my aversion to boar bristles, and I have to go retrieve my hairbrush from the trash now and find my hot rollers and some Elnett. See you in two days.*

*when there will be enough grease buildup at the roots to kind of smooth things out up there, while the bottom is still airy, you know?

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