Glass Nails Are the Prettiest New Beauty Trend You're Probably Never Going to Try

So glam. So impractical.


Just as we were coming around to bubble nails—just kidding, we'd sooner claw our eyes out with razor-sharp talons—there's a new trend that has the internet double tapping their digits. 

Enter glass nails, which are exquisite 3D and glass-inspired creations born out of Korea—because, obviously. The brainchild of South Korean manicurist and founder of Unistella salon, Eun Kyung Park, she's been sending Instagram into a tizzy with her dazzling designs, from holographic patterns, to Art Deco mosaics, to more streamlined negative space looks. 

While these MoMA-worthy looks are surely at the forefront of a whole new guard of nail art (we foresee RiRi and Kylie Jenner jumping on the bandwagon first), there's no denying that these dainty looks bring a whole new level of panic to our fears of breaking a nail. 

Check out some of the most swoon-worthy glass nail looks below:

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