7 Marie Claire Editors Test-Drive the Drake Lipstick, Have Many *Feels* About It

So much swag.

Leave it to Tom Ford to find a roundabout way of making our dreams come true. While he's not doling out actual kisses from Drake (someday...), he's bringing our lips closer to him then ever before with a mini-sized tube of pearlescent plum lipstick inspired by the Canadian rapper. 

Part of Ford's second annual Lips & Boys collection, Drizzy was a natural muse considering 1) The swag that was his Hotline Bling video and 2) He has enough beauty prowess to have name dropped Nars' Orgasm Blush in his track "Fancy." Respect.

The most prized possession in the MC beauty closet, seven of us test drove Drake's shade and it gave us ALL the feels.

Jennifer Goldstein, Executive Beauty and Health Editor 

"Here's how my fantasy goes: I'm 12 years old and I get invited to Drake's Canadian bar mitzvah. Instead of wearing the frosty pink gloss I had on at my own (non-Canadian) bat mitzvah, I have on Drake's namesake Tom Ford shade. He sees my gorgeous, satiny plum lips and immediately asks me to be his partner in the Coke & Pepsi game. The music starts, I run into his arms, and we share a spectacular kiss. After we pull apart, he's so excited that he takes to the dance floor and does those sweet Drizzy moves for the very first time—all because of me and my lipstick."

Jessica Pels, Digital Director

"I loooove a bold lip color, as anyone who knows me knows. This was actually not quite as dark or as bright as I usually go, but it was a nice 'neutral' for me—a purple-y, wine-y plum with a slight iridescence. It's an *amazing* formula: super soft, moisturizing, and long-lasting. When I got home at night, my husband even told me I looked 'super pretty,' so I guess Drake and Tom are my new go-to glam squad."

Samantha Leal, Senior Web Editor

"I love Drizzy and I love Tom Ford, but while everyone else looked fresher than a pillow with a mint on it, I looked meh. I wished the color was a bit more matte and a bit darker, but I think a lot of people could pull this shade off—it's like a shimmery plum raisin. But I'mma worry about me... Jay, where you at?"

Claire Fontanetta, Assistant Beauty Editor

"I mean… who wouldn't want to carry a mini Drake in your pocket all-day-every-day? The chic Tom Ford shade is the perfect purple/pink hue that works on literally every skin tone, even if you don't think purple is your thing."

Lauren Valenti, Associate Web Editor

"Look I got enemies, got a lotta enemies. Got a lotta people tryna drain me of this energy. So when I seem 'em, I'll be throwing shade in this one because like Drake, it's intriguing, sexy, and nuanced AF."

Chelsea Peng, Assistant Web Editor

"It was aight, but I'm not about to make any memes about it. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being Drake's hand-flapping in 'Hotline Bling,' I'd give it a 6 (7 for the shade, 5 for the formula)."

Alanna Greco, Assistant Web Editor

"I really liked the boldness of this color– it's perfect for a wintery lip. Plus, anything that brings me closer to Drake is a must and I really appreciate that Tom Ford understand how much rappers love purp ;)."

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