The Soap-Loofah Hybrid Every Lazy Girl Needs in Her Shower

Where has this been all my life?

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Not too long ago, I spent a Friday night like many a young twenty-something: bingeing on Shark Tank. Amidst getting acquainted with bougie filet mignon beef jerky and magical sheets you don't have to wash (sign me up), I discovered the SW&G Bar which is the ultimate, why-didn't-I-think-of-this combination of a bar of soap and loofah in one.

The brainchild of Houston-based celebrity skincare expert Lydia Evans in 2012, the hybrid bar was designed for men to cleanse, exfoliate, and disinfect while fighting irritation and doubling as a shaving cream. As someone who happens to love borrowed-from-the-boys grooming products, I wanted in—and apparently, so did all of Hollywood, as the deep cleansing bars quite literally became swag when they were featured in the celebrity gift bags at the Oscars earlier this year. 

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While a SW&G Bar makes for the perfect mutually-beneficial gift for your boyfriend as a worthy alternative to the store-brand nonsense he keeps in his shower, you're also going to want to scoop up the GYNgerella Bar. Created by Evans' after customers requested—nay, demanded a female version of the SW&G Bar—it boasts a gentler formula with new, patent-pending technology and features sweet-smelling ingredients like organic ginger and hibiscus flower. In other words, it's a shortcut to the smoothest legs of your life.

Considering I can't bring myself to exfoliate my cold-weather-ravaged limbs nearly as often as I should, I'll be looking to both iterations of the SW&G Bar to indulge my lazy-girl tendencies this winter.

Shop the SW&G Bar ($14.99) and the Gyngerella Bar ($16.99)  at

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