20 Beauty Memes That Just *Get* You

And are tag-your-friends worthy.

Like the rest of the thumb-scrolling world, I tag my friends in at least ten Instagram posts a day. Typically, this consists of sure-to-be-viral Kardashian moments and funny beauty posts. The latter because they are so. dead. ON. I've come to realize that the online beauty community loves one thing above contouring and that's making fun of itself. 

Because hair and makeup pitfalls are their own genre of comedy, please see all the beauty-centric memes we've double tapped as of late.

1. Because you can only have one side of your face perfectly fleeked

2. Ugh, daylight

3. #bowtothebrows

4. Because pedicures are our rock

5. Amen

6. Life is unfair

7. Liquid liner has a sixth sense

8. Facebook is a cruel timeline

9. Curation is key

10. There is definitely an island of lost bobby pins

11. Where are my Dave sightings when I really need them?

12. #blessed

13. Because cheekbones

14. These things can wait

15. The cycle is too real

16. Because ego

17. Noooooooooo...

18. Because you're about to play yourself

19. They can see themselves out now

20. This is all of us, forever

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