The Lash Tinsel Trend Is the Coolest New Way to Rock Glitter IRL

Black mascara just became basic.

Glitter lashes
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From roots to pits, glitter has been quite literally *everywhere* lately. And while the look may be fit for a party or musical festival, it's not really something you've been able to get away with day-to-day. 

Enter: Hard Candy's Lash Tinsel, a glittery, gel-based mascara that you can use alone or layer over your regular black mascara. It's super lightweight and won't weigh your lashes down—and guess what? It means you can wear glitter makeup whenever you damn please.

Whether you want to add a subtle dusting for the daytime or heap it on statement-style for night, you can just throw it in your bag and have it at the ready for a quick swipe of shimmer. (You can use it on your brows, too.) But to ensure a foolproof application and removal, stick to these three tips:

Glitter mascara

(Image credit: Marie Claire)

Hard Candy Lash Tinsel, $5.70;

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